Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's January 2018 and this month is always the START of everyone's goals for the new year. This year started on a Monday, which made it extra fresh to start clean. I have made zero resolutions for the new year. I just want to keep plucking along; paying off debt, being a good mom, working on my home and rehabbing my knee to get back to playing softball this summer.

And then today happened. I know what it was (a few things) and I'm hoping something clicked and will stick. I want to get healthier. I think it's FINALLY time postpartum (eh 3.5 years, anyone?!) that I get myself together. I NEED to. Do I want to lose weight? Absolutely. But really I want to stop feeling lethargic and going through the motions. I want to be more present in my mind, I want to be more goal oriented. I want to feel like I'm contributing more to the world.

So what does that mean for me?

That means I'm eliminating alcohol. Well, for 30 days. And it'll be a challenge because I use a glass of wine or two to unwind and relax. I also have two dinners with friends planned - and they're drinkers. So it'll also serve as a challenge to myself that I am in control of my life.

I'm going to start exercise and not just rehabbing my knee. Right now, I'm about 6 weeks out from surgery and although I'm not ready to do jumping or weaving exercise; but I can do a stationary bike and I can do lifting exercises. And instead of just going through the motions of strengthening my knee, I'm also going to start working towards strengthening my whole body.

I am going to eat better. I eat like trash, I'm not going to sugar coat that. And I'm a salt craver. Which means that not only do I have high blood pressure, but I like feed it with all the salty foods I love. I have been signed up for Weight Watchers for a long time, but have been L.A.Z.Y. when it comes to putting in effort of meal prepping. That needs to stop. I want it to stop.

And the biggest thing is that I'm going to stop talking negative to myself. I need to be my biggest cheerleader if this is going to work. There will be good days and bad days - probably a lot more bad at first, but I can't let that prevent me from the life I want to live and the future I need to create.

I know I've made these "healthy" proclamations tons of times before. Literally. Tons. I'm hoping (I know) this time will be different.

What are your goals for 2018?

Laid Up (later post!)

Monday, January 15, 2018

I drafted up this post and realized I never actually posted it - so a throw back from last month's check in:)

Well, we all know that life is a bit crazy. You're never going to predict the ups and downs and that's just the challenge in it all. In October, I was playing flag football with friends and slipped on some grass. My knee locked up and hyperextended and popped everywhere. Not a great feeling! I was amazingly able to get through multiple high school sports, 3 years of college sports and years of rec league activity with zero serious injuries. And then at the age of 34 - I go and tear my acl.

I had surgery to repair the tear on December 1st so I've been home-bound and hobbling along for a few days. I'm trying to manage the pain and navigate my new split level home with one good leg. Luckily, my ex has been able to take the twins for a full week to allow me some time to heal and I'm very grateful because although I'd love to be super mom and think I can handle everything - having this surgery, I realize that I'm human and even I have restrictions.

I don't have a wife to help care for me - but I do have an ex who can help me parent when I need her. I don't have a partner to wait on me, but I've been lucky to have a friend stay with me for a few weeks who helps around the house and helps me with my pup. When you go through divorce, you feel alone. This triangle of support and love you built a foundation of a family on - suddenly feels swept away and you're now the center of it all. There's no one to lean on - you're it. And when life tosses you challenges, it can feel monumental to try to work your way through them with no support, or love. It can be brutal.

DIY: Toddler (Twin Sized) Headboard on the Cheap!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Back in September I purchased some super cute fabric from Ikea that I used for the color theme of the girls bedroom. I wanted to make curtains for the room but I'm lazy and honestly never got around to do it - instead opting for other activities to do around the house instead. But yesterday I had planned for a day at home for us - and boy was it nice! No running around or being away from home - we went at our own pace and did hop out to hit the grocery store but other than that we hung out all day in the casa and I got stuff done!

One of those things was using the fabric for headboard instead of curtains! I got the idea from Pinterest after seeing a few posts about using a piece of plywood but did stumble upon one single post where the person used cardboard to make a queen sized headboard. Also - I was excited to discover that trifold poster board (purchased from Dollar Tree) was the perfect size for the twin sized bed and needed zero cutting whatsoever! This project was super easy and came out great so I'm excited to share how I made it happen!

Tools needed:

1 trifold poster board
1 yard of basic batting
1 yard of fabric of your choice
hot glue gun and glue sticks
adhesive spray
needle and thread

optional - buttons, nails to secure to wall

First I laid out the trifold posterboard flat on the floor and sprayed with fabric adhesive. The idea was to then fold the batting in half (long-ways) to make some extra padding. Once I laid down the batting on the posterboard, I then took the hot glue gun and glued the ends of the batting to the back of the posterboard - wrapping it around the outer edges.

I then took needle and thread and "tied" down the ends even more secure by sewing them into the edges. Then I took the fabric and sprayed adhesive all over the batting, placed the fabric on the batting and then flipped the posterboard over. Here I grabbed the edges of the fabric and hot glued them to the posterboard which worked our really well the secure the ends and the fabric itself to the posterboard. 

Then I strung a small button to the tops of the headboard for a more decorative feature - and I did attach a string to the back of the posterboard to hang on a picture frame hanger.

When I went to put the headboard up though, on the frame hanger, the ends (because it's a trifold) fanned out a tad and I didn't like that. So I did take two small nails and nail the top corners to the wall. They're barely noticeable and secures the headboard to the wall better! 

I'm super happy with the way they turned out! Cost estimate for two twin sized headboards:

2 trifold posterboards - $2
Roll of basic batting - $10
2 yards of fabric - $9

Total: $21

I already owned the adhesive, nails, and glue and glue gun!