What's In a Name?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I get a lot of comments on the girls' names - mostly on Holland's name. People are super curious on how we came up with it. I like to sound all smart and say she's named after the country Holland and they were the first country to legalize same sex marriage! Look how progressive her parents are! But really, she's named after an actress on a teen MTV tv show. My Holland is named after the actress Holland Roden who plays Lydia on Teen Wolf. :)  I've watched Teen Wolf since the first season (and no I'm not 16 years old) and always thought Holland was a pretty name when I saw it come up in the credits. It's different, but not too different and pairs perfectly with Harper.

Holland Roden

Since we liked Holland so much - it was actually our anchor name and we wanted to pair it with the middle name Reese. But because we knew someone with a similar name (Holland is their last name) we landed on Reid as a middle name instead. Harper is a super popular name right now and even though I know two people that have Harpers and we didn't want a very popular name, it just went well with Holland. Harper's middle name is Ann which is the same middle name as her other mom. 

We didn't know who was going to be who during my pregnancy. We get that question a lot too. I think the babies were so crammed in my belly, that I couldn't really tell "personalities" from their movement. And secretly I was afraid that Baby A wasn't always going to be Baby A and that they'd somehow switch positions. So we had our names picked out and planned to assign names when we saw them. 

I was in the ICU for 24 hours after the girls were born, so we had their other mom get to know them during that time and assign the names. I think she did perfectly. I can't imagine Harper being anyone other than a Harper - and the same with my sweet Holland. Their names are perfect for their personalities. Isn't it funny the way that works out?

If we were going to have boys they would have been Jaxon Craig (Craig is my dad's name) and Jase Robert (Robert is the name of the other grandpa). I thought that was a sweet ode to them if they happened to be boys. I think it's so interesting how names are seriously a part of who we are. A name is so important and becomes part of your being. I've been told that I was going to be Danielle up until my mom was in labor at the hospital with me. An episode of Happy Days came on and Fonzie's girlfriend was a divorced mom named Ashley, and my mom loved that name. (Funny how I'm now a soon-to-be divorced mom - weird!) So, I went from going in as a potential "Danielle" to leaving the hospital as an Ashley. Then "Ashley" shot up to super popularity with girls my age and ten years younger. 

The Fonz and my namesake

Do you have a fun story about your name or your child's name? How did you come up with it? Did you change your mind at the last minute or always knew that was the name your child would have?

Being a Single Mom

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I came across an article on Babble.com recently where a woman addresses why she will always be a single mom. A lot of her points were "on point" and completely relatable. I can see why she feels or believes (or wants to live life as) that she will always be a single mom. Many, many of the points ring true in my life. I want love, and I want great love. I want the kind of love that you can kick back and watch a sunset with a glass of wine and have the best time of your life. I want the kind of love that throws you into a fit of giggles and churns over into deep laughter rising from the pit of your stomach. I want the kind of love you can depend on, that provides comfort, that radiates to you. I really want all of that - truly. I want a love that I've never had.

The 25 Most Romantic Love Quotes You Will Ever Read. | Page 16 of 25 | I Love My LSI:

But I'm also a mom. My girls are my priority - whereas dressing up and "going out" are not. The article states that her "uniform" is yoga pants and hoodies (uh, welcome to my life). Between caring for my twins, cleaning up my home and taking "me" time - I too basically live in yoga pants and hoodies (and I don't do yoga). I've noticed recently when I'm out that I'll "look" at other people out there and the first thought is "would H&H like them?" Obviously it's way too early to even think about dating - but if/when I do decide to get back out there that person doesn't just impact my life. And no one is worth giving up my precious time with my beautiful girls.

Get caught in a mommy sandwich.
Also - her point on issues. I have issues. I have lots and lots of issues that have bubbled up since the crumble of my marriage began. And the issues are now more apparent since I'm alone now - and may have been part of the demise of my marriage. I have trust issues now, though, layered amongst my abandonment and unworthiness issues. I'm just not ready to add onto the baggage that I have yet to sort through. But I'm aware they exist. I'm hoping someday I'll work through them or find someone that can tolerate them :)

I'm not lonely. Yet. I've been living by myself for a good week already and I'm probably more busy now than I have ever been in the past 2 years of my life and there's not really much relief. I've been signing myself up for activities, and if I don't have the girls for an evening, there's so much to do at home to prepare for the next time I do have them. I've gotten back involved with sports on weekends (yay!), I've been hanging out with friends more, I've been focusing on work, I've been taking care of myself by going to doctor appointments and counseling, etc. So - I've had lots to do to keep me busy and not obsessing over being single or my marriage ending.

I was talking with a friend the other day and they commented on "how well" I was doing. I guess I never thought about it - I was surely "not well" the entire month of July and half of August. But I think I made a lot of things happen to help myself - I waded through the ugly reality of what happened and what my new future was, I sat in hot showers for 45 minutes to calm myself down, I said many, many mean things because my heart hurt. Then, as I edged closer to being able to be free and out on my own, things started to lift and change.

Not to say I don't have bad days or that I'm not sad. I'm just not dwelling on it. And being a parent actually helps tug you out of it faster. Before I would be a murky depth of sadness for months. I'd be depressed and honestly feel like my life was ending. But now I have two little girls that make me forget about the crap parts of my life because I have two awesome parts of my life right in front of me. Mommy can sit and be sad around them - that's not fair to them. So they help me not fall back into that sadness. And I'll forever be grateful for them saving me this go-around in my love life. So for now and the immediate future - they are my focus. And I love them for that.

Even on the days you feel like you are failing, look around, I promise your kids will still think you are the best mom in the whole universe! Motivating Mother – Julie Clark

Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Dip

Monday, September 28, 2015

Remember a few posts back when I told you I loved all things "pumpkin"? Well it's the honest truth. I stumbled upon a recipe for Pumpkin Dip and thought I'd give it a try since it was fairly simple (and no bake!)

15 oz can of pumpkin
16 oz of Cool Whip
5 oz package of instant vanilla pudding
1 tbsp. pumpkin pie spice
1 tbsp. cinnamon

1. Mix pumpkin, Cool Whip, pumpkin pie spice and powder from vanilla pudding in a large bowl. (Do not make the pudding - just mix in the powder from the box). Mix well!

2. Cover and chill in refrigerator for a few hours before serving.

3. Top with cinnamon and serve!

See how easy it is? You can serve with any kind of fruit or cookie. I used granny smith apple slices and graham crackers. But vanilla wafers, gingerbread cookies, etc would work great too! You can also make a lower calorie option by substituting sugar free vanilla pudding and lite Cool Whip. The dip has a light and fluffy consistency and is super yummy!

What's Considered "Hard"?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Something I ran across on Facebook recently was a conversation in a twin mom group I belong to. A twin mom was mad because a mom with two singletons (that's two children at different ages) was saying that the twin mom had it "easier" because she just did everything twice. The twin mom rebutted that the singleton mom had it "easier" because she had a chance to had one child at a time and not balancing two babies, two toddlers, etc. It's an interesting argument. And what happens when the triplet mom, or the mom with five singletons are thrown into the mix? Who has it harder?

I'm going to be that "peace, love and happiness" person on this argument. Because at the end of the day parenting is hard. Doesn't matter if you have one, two, or six. Doesn't matter if you have two at a time or just one beautiful baby. It's all hard. And we're all different people with different experiences and resources (and levels of patience). I get comments all of the time when I'm out solo with the girls - "How do you do it?" "You have your hands full!" But it's not hard for me. I'm used to it, and when I see a mom that has 3+ kids or kids that don't sleep at night, or are just pure chaos I think, "How do you do it?" "You have your hands full!"  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

And what about those of us that now do it alone? That don't have a husband or wife or partner to tag when we're at our wits end? Do we have it harder? I don't know. I think it's all relative. What can be hard for me might not be hard for you. What you can handle might not be something I could handle. I think the race that mom's have needs to just stop. We need to quit judging and quit battling each other. I think if we started approaching things with a compassionate heart - knowing that one mama's struggle is just that - maybe just quite simply a struggle not dependent on the quantity of kids she has - we'd have more of a helpful stance instead of brushing her off because we think we're struggling more. It's not about that.

We need to build a community to help support each other. Because at the end of the day - ALL parenting is hard. We're raising tiny humans that will one day be adults and they learn everything from US. We're responsible for their health, education, etc. That's a huge responsibility and it's all equally difficult. But we're all in this together.

My Life Sans Cable

Friday, September 25, 2015

Now that I'm living on 1 income versus two, I've decided to eliminate some creature comforts in my life ... mainly, cable. I still have blazing fast internet (not Comcast, though - they suck). It was recommended by a friend to try living on Hulu and Netflix instead since you can stream many current shows via Hulu and Netflix is a haven for movies and older shows.  At only $8.99 each - that's a steal ($18/mo) compared to cable which introductory deals can get you in at $60 per month but then add HDTV, DVR, etc and you're looking at soaring rates, especially once they're out of their 12 month trial period. No, thanks.

So I dusted off my Wii that we had sitting in our basement and tried to hook up to our internet. Of course that couldn't be easy and I was having trouble but a quick call to Nintendo on a Sunday evening helped me troubleshoot through my issues and I was able to get up and running. I signed up for a month free trial with both Hulu and Netflix and was excited to see there were some Disney Jr. shows the girls were used to (Handy Manny and Doc McStuffins) and ohhhh so happy my least favorite (Callie's Wild West) was not streaming. For myself, I have started to get into Empire which season 2 just started on September 23rd so I better get cooking and made it just in time to catch the first two episodes of my favorite show The Mindy Project!

It was also recommended to stop by Walgreens to scoop out their As Seen on TV section for an HD digital tv receptor - basically it's $20 and you can get regular broadcast tv channels through your digital tv! No cable, no contracts, FREE! It was pretty easy to set up - you just take it out of the box, fix the little panel to a window (or you can screw directly into the wall), connect to your tv and then do a search for channels on your tv.

Well, in theory it works great. I ended up catching a ton of random tv channels and really only get Channel 5 (that's nbc) pretty clear but it cuts in and out a lot. I have to sit down to figure out how to fix all of that and I'm hoping it's not too difficult. But it allows me to leave the tv on during the day for my dog Ella - mainly so she doesn't continuously bark when she hears someone or something in the hallway. Also - you have to get an extender if your tv isn't near the closest window (I didn't want to drill the receiver into my wall - ugly!) but they do give you a pretty long cord. If you don't have an extender, then your cords will be as beautifully displayed as mine:

It's the cord that extend to the right towards the lamp. Cute, right? And I'm still decorating so no judging on my chaotic mess, mkay? We're all friends here. And then the beautiful display in your window ...  it's that black square on the lower right of the window.

So overall- I've been able to watch most of my shows. And I still have some work to do to figure out how to get my channels in all clear and uninterrupted. But I think it's worth if if you're like me and aren't obsessed with cable. I seriously could have the same Friends episode on repeat 5 times in a row and be totally ok.

Brace Face

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Something I've been wanting to get done for a really long time is fix my smile. I've always been pretty insecure about the gap in my teeth, so earlier this week I went to check out what it would cost and what my options would be (metal v. Invisalign). I've been a bit nervous mainly because my insurance doesn't cover adult orthodontia and well braces are freaking expensive. But I was thinking if I could knock out my needs, then if the twins need them later on - mine will be all taken care of.

Anyways, after a big ole panoramic xray of my face, and a million photos of my face and teeth, I was greeted by a really sweet lady orthodontist that checked out my pearly whites and gave me her diagnosis. She said I have an underbite in the back, which is weird, and that I have an over bite and gap in the front. She said my teeth are big and wide though and are great candidates for braces or Invisalign and she thought as an adult that I met benefit from the Invisalign more and get the same results as metal braces. Exciting!
Avoid Pain When Your Braces Are Tightened:

Afterwards I met with the financial lady to go over pricing and options. Because I don't have insurance they gave me a big lump off the cost and can even do no interest payments on the balance which is nice. They estimated that I'd need them for about 18 months which isn't too bad! The pricing wasn't too bad either - Invisalign is only $400 more than regular metal braces and they're better for adults because they're clear and removable. You can take them out to eat so there's no restrictions on food either. But I've heard sometimes your gums need a little time to get used to them and it takes a few days to "learn" how to talk normally with them.

So once I can gather up the initial down payment for them (it's a doozy - Invisalign's down payment is twice as much as metal braces) then I'll go ahead and schedule my appointment and will hopefully be on my way to a much better smile! Have any of you had braces (metal, ceramic or Invisalign)? What was your experience?

Did you know that oral health is a good indicator of overall health? Inflammation from gum disease has been linked to other conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. Find more oral health facts by reading through this Fairfield Invisalign infographic.:

That Time I Was Famous on the Internet ...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My birth story was recently featured on a blog called Twin Talk. It talks about my experience during pregnancy and delivery and has some cute pics of the girls :)

Check it out here!

The moment I saw little Holland for the first time!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sometimes change can be hard on the littlest of people in your life - but kids are pretty resilient and the girls have had a bumpy past few days and seemed to calm down more yesterday. I think it's comforting for them to know that their mom is there and no matter where they're at or they're sleeping that night, that someone that loves them (me or their mama) are close by and won't let anything happen to them. Holland has been checking on me the past few nights - crying out or throwing her pacifier and then crying for me to come get it ... to make sure I'm still there. And I always tell her that I'm close by.
Girls enjoying lunch at our new place!

I've been trying to make our apartment into a home and think it's been coming along quite nicely! I've been adding little pieces here and there, but still have to print off some pictures to add to our empty frames! :) We have fall little lady family pictures coming up in the next two weeks so hopefully we'll get some updated snaps from that session! Can't wait!
Working on wall decorating! (and unpacking)
The girls have also been diligently assisting with putting together some of our new furniture from Ikea. But mommy had to pick up this turquoise cart that everyone is obsessed with. I found a nice place for it by my desk in my bedroom - but the girls like to use it as another walking toy ... even though they don't need help walking. I have joked that we should take it to the grocery store with us and fill it up with all of their goodies!
Harper having fun with the cart!

And slowly some of our other rooms are coming together! I've been working on the girls' room the most just because it's a little piece of them and I want them to be comfortable. I put together their cribs myself (after cleaning and spray painting them white! one was cream before!) and re-arranged their furniture after the movers left. I've since added some cute pictures and stuff to their walls and will share a picture when it's all finished! But for now, a sneak peek!

So, it's all coming together and I've been having fun decorating and stuff. I can't wait until I have all of my laundry put together and start working on my room. At least it's all keeping me busy!

Home Sweet Home

Monday, September 21, 2015

Omg! This week has been INSANE. I signed my lease for my new apartment on Wednesday and then started moving myself (while having the girls) on Thursday. Then my dad and the moving company came to move my furniture on Friday. THEN I got the girls back on Saturday and have had them all weekend. My awesome sister and her hubby came over yesterday to help me put together some remaining furniture and hang some stuff. It's been a huge help and finally my place is starting to feel like a home and less like an empty bachelorette pad.

However, I have also had the girls for most of the time here so I'm sure when they leave tomorrow to stay with their other mama this place will be a bit lonely. I'm really trying not to think about it all and just enjoy setting up a new place. I know there will be some rough nights and my heart is still broken so lots of time to heal. But for now - new is good and new is refreshing.

Some things to get used to now that I'm back at apartment living - an upstairs neighbor. I chose a first floor unit so I didn't have to carry the girls ups steps and it was easier to allow Ella to relieve herself if I couldn't officially get away for a walk. However, that means I have someone living above me. That someone has a German shepherd that RUNS the apartment first thing in the morning. It doesn't bother me that much - mainly because I have two screaming toddlers that they can probably hear too.

Outside neighbors. I have an apartment that does not face the parking lot (YAY!) - the apartment we stayed in when I was pregnant and the for the first few months after the girls were born faced a parking lot. There was lots of traffic, zero privacy and nothing "pretty" to look at. My apartment now faces a busy road - but it's all green grass and bushes! There's a sidewalk to the neighbor hood that passes right in front of my unit so of course Ella loses her mind every time someone (read: another dog) walks by. Not good when you have babies that need naps!

What is nice is that when crap is broken though, I can call someone to fix it! Hurrah! The staples to my carpet were still popped up a little by the kitchen and Holland's bare feet found it. Ouchie! So I put in a work order and the guy came out within a few minutes and hammered them all back down. Then he noticed I had some ants crawling around (I had just bought traps thinking it was because I was in a first floor unit) and he called my unit it for extermination. I'm very excited about this! See ya, ants! There are a few things from my marriage that I never did - and that was "fix" things, install things ... basically anything to do with a hammer that didn't come with instructions. Now, when I literally can't do something I still have help and that's nice.

Give me credit though, I've started putting up pictures on the walls and even put together my desk and the girls' cribs! I'm not completely hopeless! Going to post some pictures later this week to show my apartment "progress" with decorating! :)


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In the past, whenever I have gone through an especially bad break-up - I have a tradition of usually making a bad financial decision. And it's usually a big one - I've purchased a car before (literally in one day and it was the worst car ever!) and racked up credit card debt until I'm blue in the face. I've moved - completely lifted my life up and transplanted it 3.5 hours away all in the hopes of running away from love, or rather, my own broken heart. Which incidentally, I have yet to realize that I take with me every where I go ... no matter where I run.

I've had an urge to do it again. I've been seriously itching for an Eat, Pray, Love moment - you know, like Elizabeth Gilbert/Julia Roberts and just up lift myself for one year and travel with no regrets. Run away to a far away land. Escape. I researched locations online (Costa Rica is pretty good for single women) and even chatted online with a homeowner on airbnb on her rental. The 3 hour trek from the airport and potential boat ride slammed all of those plans to a quick halt. I've been eyeing new cars. The more expensive, the better. Acura, Lexus, Infiniti ... all pretty ladies to me. The sad thing is that I have a fairly new (and completely loaded) Honda CRV which I freaking LOVE. It's the best car EVER. Yet, I'm contemplated handing her over to someone else for something new and shiny. A new car won't mend my broken heart.

But what has pulled me back in those fleeting moments where I almost lose rationalization? Where I almost bankrupt myself and make pretty shitty financial decisions? My girls. It's no longer about me. My money is no longer just mine. My decisions in life will impact the life of my two daughters. So no longer can I be an irresponsible adult. No longer can I do whatever I want. I need to provide for them, put food on the table and diapers on their little butts. They've helped to keep me grounded.

I've been eating and drinking my feelings lately. I need to put a time limit on the sadness, though. Because this body can only take so much crappy food decisions and nightly bottles of wine. Maybe when I'm officially moved out I can take back control over that area of my life. Right now I'm just trying not to cry 24/7. And then I'm back in the moments where I desire to just run away. To sit under a goddamn tropical tree in some magically bright hued Caribbean oasis and sip my all-inclusive dranks. But I'm not there - and I'm trying to see the beauty in my favorite season during one of the hardest times of my life.

So in these moments I try to remember some of the amazing quotable quotes that Elizabeth Gilbert spews like nothing ... my absolute favorite, life-changing quote that has floated me through a previous god-awful terrible break-up and is now carrying me forward today is:

ruin is a gift. ruin is the road to transformation.: The Roads, Eat Pray Love, Inspiration, Menu, Gifts, Eating Praying Love, Ruins, Favorite Quotes, Love Quotes

Feeling Weird

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I sign a new lease tomorrow - for a two bedroom apartment all by myself [well, the girls will be there too!]. Movers arrive on Friday - it's all super weird. Part of me is excited because I like to move ... I like "new" things and I'm moving to a town that I've been wanting to settle down in, and have been buying new things for my place (retail therapy is always nice!). And then obviously part of me is super sad because it's really the end of everything. It's been a rocky few months but I still have love in my heart and it brings me deep sadness. And obviously since I'm co-parenting 50/50 I won't have the girls with me every single night. That's rough to choke down.

So yeah - just a weird mixture of sadness but excitement for a fresh start. A little bit scary because beginnings are always scary. Isn't that a quote from Hope Floats?

The Happiest Barn:

The rest of this week is a flurry of all the things I need to get done - I'm a half-@$$ packer and love to cram things in bags. I hate box-packing ... don't ask why. And I'll be trying to bring as much over before Friday by myself [while caring for the girls] so that'll be interesting. And it'll be my first time putting together a crib [times 2!] from start to finish ... which I'll need to get done before I get the girls on Saturday at my new place. Kinda nervous and hope that I can figure it out with enough time. I'm still spray painting them [one needed some touch ups because it was banged up and one was cream ... I'm painting them both white] and I hope the paint dries before Friday also! Plus, what crap would it be if the movers got them dirty? I'd hurt someone. Seriously. 

Oh boy! Are you nervous for me? I'm nervous for me! :) 

What's Hard About Multiples?

Monday, September 14, 2015

People ask me all of the time what's hard about parenting multiples - when I'm wrangling them in the grocery story or in public in general, when I'm dining with them alone, when we're minding our business at Target. People are always curious what it's like. Honestly, at times it's pretty hard. When you have two crabby ladies that want something, or are just tired ... everyone needs something and they need it NOW! It doesn't happen that often, I've been really lucky with two amazingly patient girls. But sometimes my afternoons look like this ... [imagine me on the other side of the camera making the same face] :)

But mostly my honest answer to how is it to parent two babies at a time is - it's awesome. I have two smiling, happy faces greet me every morning and when I come home from work. I have double the cuddles and double the kisses. I get to watch two very different personalities grow into their own. Seriously, Harper is such a spitfire - she trust falls and is pretty social with new people. Holland is more patient and quiet - she's my sweetheart. Her favorite activity is "reading" her book over and over. Of course parenting multiples is hard - parenting in general is hard. But it's also amazing and I wouldn't trade these little faces for the world.


This is why I can't lose weight ...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pumpkin spice errrrr-thang! Seriously people, I'm one of those white girls that completely lose my mind over everything pumpkin-flavored or pumpkin smelling once September 1st hits. And it's ridiculously mainly because have you actually ever tasted or smelled a pumpkin. Yep ... it doesn't resemble our fall addictions in the least but I'll still go with it. Some of my favorites include the standard Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks [I also like the iced version ... yum-o], pumpkin flavored Pop-Tarts [seriously like mini pumpkin pies] and Noosa pumpkin Greek yogurt. I've long been a fan of the Noosa yogurts which are the creamiest, yummiest yogurts ever ... and their pumpkin flavored kind is a mini creamy pumpkin pie in your mouth. It's simply the best.

I've tried two pumpkin inspired beers this fall one was a Sam Adams and the other a Leinenkugel Harvest Patch Shady. It was my favorite. If a pumpkin pie and a light pilsner beer had a baby - it would be this beer. Perfect sweetness, yummy spice, and smooth light beer. Perfect for sitting by a campfire ... or downing on a pontoon boat like I did over Labor Day weekend. To each his own!

This week I also picked up pumpkin English muffins. I haven't tried them yet, but I'm hoping they're amazing. And lastly, not pumpkin flavored but pumpkin shaped [!] I bought some cut-outs from Mariano's and they're pretty epic. Nice and chewy, sprinkled with orange glittery sprinkles ... fantastic!

So this my friends, is why I can't lose weight. It's pumpkin season and if it's pumpkin flavored or resembling some form of pumpkin food - it goes in my mouth and subsequently on my @$$.  Happy Fall ya'll!


Friday, September 11, 2015

Hi there! So I'm back after a small blogging hiatus. I'm currently sipping a glass of moscato and watching "I, Robot" ... you know, that weird robot movie with Will Smith from like 2005? Yep ... crazy Friday night over here. The girls are sound asleep - they have always been great sleepers - and the dogs are snoozing away too. I got an urge to write again, and since I shut down sunnysideshlee.com, I needed a new outlet so I decided to re-invent myself [isn't that part of the divorce process anyways?] and create a new blog to reflect my new life. Thus, Little Lady Tribe was born. It's about me and my little ladies who make up our little lady family ... or tribe.

I move next week - back into an apartment and I'm kind of nervous. I'm nervous for those nights that I don't have the girls and I'm home alone. I'm nervous for when something breaks or go wrong and I have to depend on myself to figure it out or fix it. I'm nervous to feel lonely. I'm nervous to miss her. But it's a step that I have to take ... the divorce ball is rolling ... and I try really hard to keep remembering that I'm not the only person on the planet that's ever gone through this. It's sad but I've known way too many people than I thought possible that have been divorced. It's gut-wrenching. I'm hopeful for the day I make it to the other side and finally feel like myself again, and not my story. I'm living my story right now ... it's become me. It's f*cking depressing.

Anyways ... I won't indulge everything in my life. I mean, blogs are probably searchable, right? And I do have people to respect and stuff. So I'll try to share what I can without being totally fake and pretending that life is spectacular. It'll be sh*t for a while, don't worry! Anyone else out there been through divorce? Have some tips to share on "making it" to the other side?