Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sometimes change can be hard on the littlest of people in your life - but kids are pretty resilient and the girls have had a bumpy past few days and seemed to calm down more yesterday. I think it's comforting for them to know that their mom is there and no matter where they're at or they're sleeping that night, that someone that loves them (me or their mama) are close by and won't let anything happen to them. Holland has been checking on me the past few nights - crying out or throwing her pacifier and then crying for me to come get it ... to make sure I'm still there. And I always tell her that I'm close by.
Girls enjoying lunch at our new place!

I've been trying to make our apartment into a home and think it's been coming along quite nicely! I've been adding little pieces here and there, but still have to print off some pictures to add to our empty frames! :) We have fall little lady family pictures coming up in the next two weeks so hopefully we'll get some updated snaps from that session! Can't wait!
Working on wall decorating! (and unpacking)
The girls have also been diligently assisting with putting together some of our new furniture from Ikea. But mommy had to pick up this turquoise cart that everyone is obsessed with. I found a nice place for it by my desk in my bedroom - but the girls like to use it as another walking toy ... even though they don't need help walking. I have joked that we should take it to the grocery store with us and fill it up with all of their goodies!
Harper having fun with the cart!

And slowly some of our other rooms are coming together! I've been working on the girls' room the most just because it's a little piece of them and I want them to be comfortable. I put together their cribs myself (after cleaning and spray painting them white! one was cream before!) and re-arranged their furniture after the movers left. I've since added some cute pictures and stuff to their walls and will share a picture when it's all finished! But for now, a sneak peek!

So, it's all coming together and I've been having fun decorating and stuff. I can't wait until I have all of my laundry put together and start working on my room. At least it's all keeping me busy!

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