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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Something I've been wanting to get done for a really long time is fix my smile. I've always been pretty insecure about the gap in my teeth, so earlier this week I went to check out what it would cost and what my options would be (metal v. Invisalign). I've been a bit nervous mainly because my insurance doesn't cover adult orthodontia and well braces are freaking expensive. But I was thinking if I could knock out my needs, then if the twins need them later on - mine will be all taken care of.

Anyways, after a big ole panoramic xray of my face, and a million photos of my face and teeth, I was greeted by a really sweet lady orthodontist that checked out my pearly whites and gave me her diagnosis. She said I have an underbite in the back, which is weird, and that I have an over bite and gap in the front. She said my teeth are big and wide though and are great candidates for braces or Invisalign and she thought as an adult that I met benefit from the Invisalign more and get the same results as metal braces. Exciting!
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Afterwards I met with the financial lady to go over pricing and options. Because I don't have insurance they gave me a big lump off the cost and can even do no interest payments on the balance which is nice. They estimated that I'd need them for about 18 months which isn't too bad! The pricing wasn't too bad either - Invisalign is only $400 more than regular metal braces and they're better for adults because they're clear and removable. You can take them out to eat so there's no restrictions on food either. But I've heard sometimes your gums need a little time to get used to them and it takes a few days to "learn" how to talk normally with them.

So once I can gather up the initial down payment for them (it's a doozy - Invisalign's down payment is twice as much as metal braces) then I'll go ahead and schedule my appointment and will hopefully be on my way to a much better smile! Have any of you had braces (metal, ceramic or Invisalign)? What was your experience?

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