Feeling Weird

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I sign a new lease tomorrow - for a two bedroom apartment all by myself [well, the girls will be there too!]. Movers arrive on Friday - it's all super weird. Part of me is excited because I like to move ... I like "new" things and I'm moving to a town that I've been wanting to settle down in, and have been buying new things for my place (retail therapy is always nice!). And then obviously part of me is super sad because it's really the end of everything. It's been a rocky few months but I still have love in my heart and it brings me deep sadness. And obviously since I'm co-parenting 50/50 I won't have the girls with me every single night. That's rough to choke down.

So yeah - just a weird mixture of sadness but excitement for a fresh start. A little bit scary because beginnings are always scary. Isn't that a quote from Hope Floats?

The Happiest Barn:

The rest of this week is a flurry of all the things I need to get done - I'm a half-@$$ packer and love to cram things in bags. I hate box-packing ... don't ask why. And I'll be trying to bring as much over before Friday by myself [while caring for the girls] so that'll be interesting. And it'll be my first time putting together a crib [times 2!] from start to finish ... which I'll need to get done before I get the girls on Saturday at my new place. Kinda nervous and hope that I can figure it out with enough time. I'm still spray painting them [one needed some touch ups because it was banged up and one was cream ... I'm painting them both white] and I hope the paint dries before Friday also! Plus, what crap would it be if the movers got them dirty? I'd hurt someone. Seriously. 

Oh boy! Are you nervous for me? I'm nervous for me! :) 

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