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Monday, September 21, 2015

Omg! This week has been INSANE. I signed my lease for my new apartment on Wednesday and then started moving myself (while having the girls) on Thursday. Then my dad and the moving company came to move my furniture on Friday. THEN I got the girls back on Saturday and have had them all weekend. My awesome sister and her hubby came over yesterday to help me put together some remaining furniture and hang some stuff. It's been a huge help and finally my place is starting to feel like a home and less like an empty bachelorette pad.

However, I have also had the girls for most of the time here so I'm sure when they leave tomorrow to stay with their other mama this place will be a bit lonely. I'm really trying not to think about it all and just enjoy setting up a new place. I know there will be some rough nights and my heart is still broken so lots of time to heal. But for now - new is good and new is refreshing.

Some things to get used to now that I'm back at apartment living - an upstairs neighbor. I chose a first floor unit so I didn't have to carry the girls ups steps and it was easier to allow Ella to relieve herself if I couldn't officially get away for a walk. However, that means I have someone living above me. That someone has a German shepherd that RUNS the apartment first thing in the morning. It doesn't bother me that much - mainly because I have two screaming toddlers that they can probably hear too.

Outside neighbors. I have an apartment that does not face the parking lot (YAY!) - the apartment we stayed in when I was pregnant and the for the first few months after the girls were born faced a parking lot. There was lots of traffic, zero privacy and nothing "pretty" to look at. My apartment now faces a busy road - but it's all green grass and bushes! There's a sidewalk to the neighbor hood that passes right in front of my unit so of course Ella loses her mind every time someone (read: another dog) walks by. Not good when you have babies that need naps!

What is nice is that when crap is broken though, I can call someone to fix it! Hurrah! The staples to my carpet were still popped up a little by the kitchen and Holland's bare feet found it. Ouchie! So I put in a work order and the guy came out within a few minutes and hammered them all back down. Then he noticed I had some ants crawling around (I had just bought traps thinking it was because I was in a first floor unit) and he called my unit it for extermination. I'm very excited about this! See ya, ants! There are a few things from my marriage that I never did - and that was "fix" things, install things ... basically anything to do with a hammer that didn't come with instructions. Now, when I literally can't do something I still have help and that's nice.

Give me credit though, I've started putting up pictures on the walls and even put together my desk and the girls' cribs! I'm not completely hopeless! Going to post some pictures later this week to show my apartment "progress" with decorating! :)

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