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Friday, September 25, 2015

Now that I'm living on 1 income versus two, I've decided to eliminate some creature comforts in my life ... mainly, cable. I still have blazing fast internet (not Comcast, though - they suck). It was recommended by a friend to try living on Hulu and Netflix instead since you can stream many current shows via Hulu and Netflix is a haven for movies and older shows.  At only $8.99 each - that's a steal ($18/mo) compared to cable which introductory deals can get you in at $60 per month but then add HDTV, DVR, etc and you're looking at soaring rates, especially once they're out of their 12 month trial period. No, thanks.

So I dusted off my Wii that we had sitting in our basement and tried to hook up to our internet. Of course that couldn't be easy and I was having trouble but a quick call to Nintendo on a Sunday evening helped me troubleshoot through my issues and I was able to get up and running. I signed up for a month free trial with both Hulu and Netflix and was excited to see there were some Disney Jr. shows the girls were used to (Handy Manny and Doc McStuffins) and ohhhh so happy my least favorite (Callie's Wild West) was not streaming. For myself, I have started to get into Empire which season 2 just started on September 23rd so I better get cooking and made it just in time to catch the first two episodes of my favorite show The Mindy Project!

It was also recommended to stop by Walgreens to scoop out their As Seen on TV section for an HD digital tv receptor - basically it's $20 and you can get regular broadcast tv channels through your digital tv! No cable, no contracts, FREE! It was pretty easy to set up - you just take it out of the box, fix the little panel to a window (or you can screw directly into the wall), connect to your tv and then do a search for channels on your tv.

Well, in theory it works great. I ended up catching a ton of random tv channels and really only get Channel 5 (that's nbc) pretty clear but it cuts in and out a lot. I have to sit down to figure out how to fix all of that and I'm hoping it's not too difficult. But it allows me to leave the tv on during the day for my dog Ella - mainly so she doesn't continuously bark when she hears someone or something in the hallway. Also - you have to get an extender if your tv isn't near the closest window (I didn't want to drill the receiver into my wall - ugly!) but they do give you a pretty long cord. If you don't have an extender, then your cords will be as beautifully displayed as mine:

It's the cord that extend to the right towards the lamp. Cute, right? And I'm still decorating so no judging on my chaotic mess, mkay? We're all friends here. And then the beautiful display in your window ...  it's that black square on the lower right of the window.

So overall- I've been able to watch most of my shows. And I still have some work to do to figure out how to get my channels in all clear and uninterrupted. But I think it's worth if if you're like me and aren't obsessed with cable. I seriously could have the same Friends episode on repeat 5 times in a row and be totally ok.

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