Friday, September 11, 2015

Hi there! So I'm back after a small blogging hiatus. I'm currently sipping a glass of moscato and watching "I, Robot" ... you know, that weird robot movie with Will Smith from like 2005? Yep ... crazy Friday night over here. The girls are sound asleep - they have always been great sleepers - and the dogs are snoozing away too. I got an urge to write again, and since I shut down sunnysideshlee.com, I needed a new outlet so I decided to re-invent myself [isn't that part of the divorce process anyways?] and create a new blog to reflect my new life. Thus, Little Lady Tribe was born. It's about me and my little ladies who make up our little lady family ... or tribe.

I move next week - back into an apartment and I'm kind of nervous. I'm nervous for those nights that I don't have the girls and I'm home alone. I'm nervous for when something breaks or go wrong and I have to depend on myself to figure it out or fix it. I'm nervous to feel lonely. I'm nervous to miss her. But it's a step that I have to take ... the divorce ball is rolling ... and I try really hard to keep remembering that I'm not the only person on the planet that's ever gone through this. It's sad but I've known way too many people than I thought possible that have been divorced. It's gut-wrenching. I'm hopeful for the day I make it to the other side and finally feel like myself again, and not my story. I'm living my story right now ... it's become me. It's f*cking depressing.

Anyways ... I won't indulge everything in my life. I mean, blogs are probably searchable, right? And I do have people to respect and stuff. So I'll try to share what I can without being totally fake and pretending that life is spectacular. It'll be sh*t for a while, don't worry! Anyone else out there been through divorce? Have some tips to share on "making it" to the other side?

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