What's Hard About Multiples?

Monday, September 14, 2015

People ask me all of the time what's hard about parenting multiples - when I'm wrangling them in the grocery story or in public in general, when I'm dining with them alone, when we're minding our business at Target. People are always curious what it's like. Honestly, at times it's pretty hard. When you have two crabby ladies that want something, or are just tired ... everyone needs something and they need it NOW! It doesn't happen that often, I've been really lucky with two amazingly patient girls. But sometimes my afternoons look like this ... [imagine me on the other side of the camera making the same face] :)

But mostly my honest answer to how is it to parent two babies at a time is - it's awesome. I have two smiling, happy faces greet me every morning and when I come home from work. I have double the cuddles and double the kisses. I get to watch two very different personalities grow into their own. Seriously, Harper is such a spitfire - she trust falls and is pretty social with new people. Holland is more patient and quiet - she's my sweetheart. Her favorite activity is "reading" her book over and over. Of course parenting multiples is hard - parenting in general is hard. But it's also amazing and I wouldn't trade these little faces for the world.


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