What's In a Name?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I get a lot of comments on the girls' names - mostly on Holland's name. People are super curious on how we came up with it. I like to sound all smart and say she's named after the country Holland and they were the first country to legalize same sex marriage! Look how progressive her parents are! But really, she's named after an actress on a teen MTV tv show. My Holland is named after the actress Holland Roden who plays Lydia on Teen Wolf. :)  I've watched Teen Wolf since the first season (and no I'm not 16 years old) and always thought Holland was a pretty name when I saw it come up in the credits. It's different, but not too different and pairs perfectly with Harper.

Holland Roden

Since we liked Holland so much - it was actually our anchor name and we wanted to pair it with the middle name Reese. But because we knew someone with a similar name (Holland is their last name) we landed on Reid as a middle name instead. Harper is a super popular name right now and even though I know two people that have Harpers and we didn't want a very popular name, it just went well with Holland. Harper's middle name is Ann which is the same middle name as her other mom. 

We didn't know who was going to be who during my pregnancy. We get that question a lot too. I think the babies were so crammed in my belly, that I couldn't really tell "personalities" from their movement. And secretly I was afraid that Baby A wasn't always going to be Baby A and that they'd somehow switch positions. So we had our names picked out and planned to assign names when we saw them. 

I was in the ICU for 24 hours after the girls were born, so we had their other mom get to know them during that time and assign the names. I think she did perfectly. I can't imagine Harper being anyone other than a Harper - and the same with my sweet Holland. Their names are perfect for their personalities. Isn't it funny the way that works out?

If we were going to have boys they would have been Jaxon Craig (Craig is my dad's name) and Jase Robert (Robert is the name of the other grandpa). I thought that was a sweet ode to them if they happened to be boys. I think it's so interesting how names are seriously a part of who we are. A name is so important and becomes part of your being. I've been told that I was going to be Danielle up until my mom was in labor at the hospital with me. An episode of Happy Days came on and Fonzie's girlfriend was a divorced mom named Ashley, and my mom loved that name. (Funny how I'm now a soon-to-be divorced mom - weird!) So, I went from going in as a potential "Danielle" to leaving the hospital as an Ashley. Then "Ashley" shot up to super popularity with girls my age and ten years younger. 

The Fonz and my namesake

Do you have a fun story about your name or your child's name? How did you come up with it? Did you change your mind at the last minute or always knew that was the name your child would have?

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