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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Baby, it's getting cold outside and don't you hate when you bundle the little one up for an outing and they kick all of their blankets right off of them? You end up dusting leaves and dirt off of your nice clean blanket, (or in my case rolling over it completely) and are left with a chilly little one who thinks it's all fun and games! Not so much, kiddo!

My friend Liz came up with a really cute product that helps prevent those blankets from flying off in those colder months. Her fleece blankets have openings that fit right around the baby's buckle so your child sits in top of the blanket and it wraps around them! GENIUS! She has a ton of cute patterns available and ships within 4-5 days of placing your order!

Check out her etsy shop here: TheUrbanPenny

Stroller Blanket (Pink Birds Print)

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