DIY: Spray Painting a Crib

Sunday, October 11, 2015

When we were splitting all of our belongings up, we had to split up the girls' stuff too. I took most of their furniture (it's all white) and their other mom took their brown cribs. So although I had a nice dresser and bookcase and even our nursery recliner - I had no where for them to sleep. 

I don't know if you've had to buy a crib recently but they aren't cheap! Add a convertible crib option (it changes to adapt from infant to toddler stage) to even the cost of the mattress, any protective pads and sheets and you're going to dish out a small fortune. I just didn't have money for that. So I took to the virtual garage sales on Facebook (I'm a huge fan) and found a beautiful crib with sleigh sides in a gorgeous off white color. It was from 2008 (no recalls) but was a high quality crib with no teeth marks! I was lucky to score that crib for $40! Then I was on the hunt for a matching crib and not necessarily the same style, although that would be nice, but really another white-like crib that has a convertible option. I came across a well-loved white crib and mattress a woman was selling for $30. It had teeth marks and crayon marks. But it was the same sleigh style and I had bigger plans for both cribs anyways!

The furniture in the girls room is bright white and the off-white crib just didn't match plus because I wanted to cover up the markings from the other crib's precious little vampire I decided to research how to paint a crib. I honestly didn't even know if it would be an option. Could they get sick from any off-fumes or if they teethed on a painted and I covered area of the railing? But I found a few DIY posts explaining that almost any crib can be transformed with handy use of spray paint! I decided to give it a whirl. I will be the first to admit this isn't how I wished it would turn out but honestly it's fine for what I need. It's a bit gritty from all of the off mist and it probably could have used a better wipe down after it was lightly sanded. Lessons learned! 

Materials that I used were:
• Kilz original primer
• Rustoleum Universal paint and primer in one - white
• 150 grit sander/sand paper

You might want to consider face masks to cut back on the fumes and always work in a well ventilated area. I also used latex gloves and paint tarps to keep myself and my area as clean as possible! 

Before painting I took my sand scrubber and worked all over each possible area of surface of the pieces of the crib. I then used a damp rag to wipe away any dust remnents to leave a surface the paint would cling to. 

I started by spraying each individual piece (one side at a time) with Kilz primer. You want to lightly coat/mist so as to prevent drips from occurring. You should let dry for about an hour and then re-apply another coat of primer, if needed. Then let dry/cure for 24 hours. I did one side at a time and then flipped at 24 hours to do the other side. 
After my primer dried, I then repeated the same step with the spray paint - allowing time between coats to fully dry. You want to be able to grasp it without ruining the paint. Then once everything is all dry you can put it all back together and voila! If you want to take it a step further, you can apply some poly with a brush to smooth the entire surface, lock in the paint and make it overall more durable. 
I eventually added some teething bumpers to the top rails of the cribs so that my worries of the twins gnawing on some nasty paint were no longer a concern! So far it's been working out great and the twin cribs match each other and everything so well! You can barely tell the cribs are slightly different (their bases are a little bit different as well as the rails)! 

Have you ever tried to spray paint furniture? How did it go? Any tips? 

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