Internet Life v. Real Life

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

On my car ride into work the other day, the local radio station was talking about people having "fake" lives on social media and that they do not portray their real lives to the world. These leads their friends, family, followers to get down about their own lives because of this fabulous life the other person is living. For example, that supermom that has perfectly put-together kids and a DIY home of your dreams, with a spotless white couch and is able to multi-task the crap out of any family outing her gorgeous brood does. Ah, don't you hate her already?

I can't tell if I notice this now more that my little "perfect life" has changed ... but I do find myself envious of other people's lives (marriage, perfect home, seeing their kids every day) and that can bring me down. The smart part of me realizes that people's lives are messy, regardless of what's portrayed on social media. Even taking a look at my posts on Instagram, one could think I totally have my $hit together going through this divorce. We choose to share the happy times and picture perfect moments. Who wants to look back at their IG account and see a bunch of depressing pictures? Who wants to follow someone like that? Answer: no one.

So, I think it's important to remember that NO ONE has their total life together. We're all struggling with something, and we all have days when life isn't as perfect as our social media accounts portray. When you stumble upon that swoon-worthy account and wonder how this miracle woman has the time to do what she does while seemingly keeping her marriage in-tack and staying in a size 4 jeans after popping out 4 kids ... remember she struggles too. She's not going to always share those dark moments, arguments with her hubby, the constant mess she likely has to continuously clean up after chasing around 4 kids, or sleepless nights her newest baby puts her through.

Honestly, sometimes it makes me "root" for their perfect lives more. Of course I'm looking for people I can relate to - that don't look at me like my failed marriage will rub off on them, but I honestly want everyone to have the happy lives that they deserve. It's something to aim for - not perfection, but happiness amidst a life of imperfection.

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