What Do You Do With Your Jewels?

Friday, October 30, 2015

Part of me has been thinking about this since before I moved out - and part of me wants to squash the thoughts into the deepest part of my brain, never to be thought of again. What do I do with my wedding/marriage jewelry?

I have a necklace with 3 diamonds that my ex gave me earlier on in our relationship. During our brief break-ups in the past, I have just replaced the charm with another. But now that our relationship is completely over - what's to become of it? I also have my wedding ring, which is really simple (read: cheap) since I couldn't find something I really loved and we had planned to upgrade me in the future. Additionally, my ex purchased a beautiful necklace and earring set which she gifted to me on the day of our wedding. It was a really thoughtful gift, because she knew I was having trouble finding the perfect wedding jewelry to go with my dress. It was such a nice surprise. But it all hurts too much to continue to wear.

A few options are available:

  • saving them for the girls and using the diamonds to turn into something else
  • pawning them and using the money to pay down some debt
  • sucking it up and keeping them in a safe place (just in case)
I honestly don't even know what a "just in case" would be. We're never going to get back together, so maybe it's more of a just in case I regret picking the wrong option of the previous two. What do people do with their jewelry that was supposed to mean commitment, love and building a future together? When that jewelry no longer holds the same meaning? When you get a pit in your stomach just glancing at it? 

Some people have told me to save them and turn them into earrings or other jewelry for the girls - as a token of their parent's marriage. A reminder that they came from a love of something. Others have scoffed and told me to get rid of it pronto! "Why would you want to hold onto that?" "Why would your kids care about a marriage they didn't know?" Good point. So I'm at a crossroads.

For now it sits in the bottom of a desk drawer, stuffed way in the back - out of sight, out of mind. It'll sit there until I figure out what my heart wants to do with it all. Maybe, if I'm lucky, my brain will kick in and make an executive decision. 

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