Coming to Terms With My "Mom Bod"

Thursday, November 5, 2015

We've all seen in the news the trend of the "dad bod" and how women are swooning over the kegger belly versus the slim and trim 6-pack of yore. (can I trademark that saying? 6 pack of yore?) It's becoming a trend because it's associating men with more realistic body images of "fatherly" type of bodies that women [apparently] really go for, instead of the chiseled Abercrombie type model. Kind of like how women have those unrealistic body images of super slim super model bodies - especially those that can bounce back after baby within weeks. EGH. The dad bod is the new version of male sex appeal.

Distractify | 16 'Dad Bods' That Show Why The New Trend Has Us Swooning:
Leo DiCaprio and his "dad bod"
I'm a tad frustrated at this. I still feel that women who have had children and now sport the "mom bod" are not glorified like their male counterparts. Instead of letting ourselves go due to Cheetos and beer - we actually popped out a human [or two] from our bodies. We grew life! I'm pretty sure no one is swooning over my thick purple stretch marks that adorn my now flabby mid-section. I'm pretty sure that society has taught me the minute I pop out a baby, I should be focused on getting back into the gym and losing all of my baby weight. 

I have not seen 1 media outlet praise the sexiness of a normal post-mom body. But I have seen them cover the quick body "bounce backs" stories of millionaire celebrities with personal trainers, personal chefs and a staff of childcare givers on payroll. Take Carrie Underwood in Shape magazine - the cute songstress gained 30 lbs with her singleton pregnancy and she just gloats about how the pounds just fell off. And she quotes:

“After I had Isaiah, my goal was to take control of my body again. I was lucky: I gained only 30 pounds, which is the recommended amount, and I exercised throughout my pregnancy," she told the magazine. "I did have a C-section, which meant waiting six weeks before working out. Within 20 days, though, I was able to begin walking slowly on the treadmill and around my neighborhood." 
She continued, "It felt so good to be active! Now we box and we hike trails, among other things. I like to continually mix up my routines to stay motivated.”
I do not want to slam Carrie, since she's a fellow mama. But I can't tell you the last time I had time to hike trails. And I will hang my head in shame with my 56 lb weight gain, 20 of which still sticks around my mid-section. And from my personal experience, by week 6 after my c-section all I wanted was my babies to sleep through the night so I could have 30 minutes to myself - not on a treadmill. But that's just me!

A few months ago the media outlets lit up of the model who was 8 months pregnant and still sporting a 6 pack! Really? If her pre-pregnancy body didn't make me feel bad enough, now I have to compare my postpartum come back to hers? I do feel sorry for that teddy bear phone cover she sports, though.

I won't comment on my thoughts on Glory Johnson's Instagram post. But let's say I shook my head.

I want to see the media glorify a mother's body and make "mom bod" all of the rage. I want to make realistic expectations for getting back in shape - because you'll never get your old body back. I want to see the celebrities embrace their stretch marks, curves, and figure and be a shining example of other moms out there that might be overwhelmed with the pressure to drop the baby weight, on top of caring for a new baby. I wish we could put the "mom bod" on a pedestal and tout it's sexiness' like we tout Leo DiCaprio's mid-section that was formed from booze and food.

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