Great Break-Up Music

Friday, November 13, 2015

You ever have those nights where you're doing housework, or just hanging out, sipping on a glass of wine and you need the perfect playlist to go with your mood? I've recently started running the below playlist on loop and I think it's that perfect angtsy, wine-sipping music that just gets everything all out (even tho some of it has nothing to do with breakups, like the Empire song lol). So tune up your pipes, pick out your favorite glass of wine, turn the lights down low and just let it out, girl! You deserve it.

Adele - "Hello"  (who isn't in love with this one?)

Gwen Stefani - "Used to Love You" (I'll always be Team Gavin, but this is a good one)

Carrie Underwood - "Relapse" (Perfect for that attitude, gurrrrrrl - she has the best Girl Power ballads)

Empire Cast, Jussie Smollett - "Good Enough" (this is about a parent-child relationship but relatable still!)

Justin Timberlake - "Drink You Away" (Do they make a medicine for heartbreak?)

Selena Gomez - "Same Old Love" (Biebs needs to get a clue :) )

What are you favorite break-up tunes?

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