Let Me Be Clear

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Recently it's come to my attention that someone I know has told my ex that I am portraying her on this blog in unfavorable light. I have been ultra-mindful that it's not just me I talk about in this blog and I've literally gone through pains (and multiple drafts) because I don't want to portray my ex in any way. This blog isn't about her. It's about me - and my journey. From time to time, I may use examples in my posts to show a point or provide advice, but ...

LET ME BE CLEAR: Every time I provide advice or shoot out an example, it does not mean it's a personal example. 

I will not censor myself on this blog, but I will remain respectful of the people I care about and my ex is someone that I still care about deeply. I cannot control how anyone reads into what I write or how they will interpret it. I can't please everyone - but I will not stifle myself, my words and my experience because of what someone thinks I've said on social media.

Let this serve as my PSA for everyone that visits this blog - and I know a bunch of you do. I have tons of views per day ... chances are some people know both me and my ex. But I want EVERYONE to know that I will never degrade her, put her down or blame her for the failure of our marriage. Do not look into everything that I write as a dig at her and let me continue to forge through my personal divorce journey the way that works for me.

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