Let's all Scream for Halloween!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ok we don't need to literally scream, but I thought it was a catchy title. Anyways, it was the girls' first Halloween where they're movin' and a-shakin'! Last year they were adorably "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" from Dr. Seuss. But they were also like 4 months old - so not too much into the festivities. This year, at 15 months old, even though they don't eat candy, they were all ready for their first "big girl" Halloween! Unfortunately, the Chicago area weather was not as ready as H&H were. The ex and I decided to try to do Halloween together this year, and it wasn't bad. We actually had a good day and I'm just happy the girls were able to have both of their mommies there for the fun day!

We decided this year to do simple costumes of a bumblee and a ladybug! The girls were soooo stinking cute and were cracking up at each other, chasing each other all around. We were surprised that Harper loved her little hat with antennas. Every time it fell off she cried for us to put it back on! Apparently she was taking this bumblebee gig pretty seriously!

Unfortunately, though the weather was pretty dreary on Halloween. It was cold and raining all day so we didn't get to hit up the local pumpkin patch as we originally planned. It would have been nice because they have a lot of fun things for little kids to do and since the girls don't eat candy yet, it would have been a fun activity for them. But - we made the most of what we could. Because of the cold and rain, we tried to go to a local mall that was doing trick-or-treating, but as you could imagine, it was a complete madhouse. After navigating the crowds and seeing lines of kids grabbing for candy, we decided to turn right back around and head out. Best decision ever and we will never go back to a mall for Halloween. Ever.

From there, the girls started to get a little antsy (aka hungry) so we just went over to Whole Foods for their hot lunch bar. It's perfect for kids that are hungry now! Mac and cheese, turkey and sweet potatoes were on the menu and the girls loved it! After lunch, they played in this small kitchen area at the store with some other kids. Holland kept wanting to hug this other little boy and he wanted nothing to do with it. But she was persistent and followed him all around with a big smile on her face. We may have a boy-problem with her later on in life! Harper was content doing her own thing and checking out all of the toys that she doesn't have at her two homes. Can you imagine that there are toys that these girls do not have? Neither can I! 

Then after that, we headed back to my apartment to snap some pics and I kissed to girls goodbye as they headed home with their other mom for the night! It was a pretty fun day and I'm glad we were able to capture some moments of the girls on the actual holiday. 

This pretty much sums up mom life, right? No one look at the camera, but me!

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