Single Mom Money: Twenty Bucks

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

For the past month or so I've started budgeting - like seriously budgeting - and sticking to a cash only plan for myself. As in, I don't spend it, if I don't have it in an envelope and it's been budgeted for. No more swipe-a-roo-hoo at the grocery store or mindless shopping trips. No more auto refills to my Starbucks cards. No sir-eee.

I've taken out a bulk of cash and keep it in my envelope and track how much is taken out and for what, right on the envelope. This goes for gas, groceries, fun money, etc. It's totally made me more mindful of my spending and makes me second (and triple) think purchases. The other day I did not want to make dinner for myself. After working all day, then getting the girls dinner going and then into their bedtime routine, the last thing I wanted to do was stand at stove and make a meal. (And this is why I'm not losing weight, people!) So - I thought about ordering a pizza. I checked out my local Pizza Hut for deals (could I get a pizza delivered under $10??), then switched over to checking out prices at a smaller local pizza joint (no go ... they're cheese thin crust started at $11.50) and landed on good ole college days Domino's.

Me- "Look! It's funny!" Goose- "I don't like stuffed crust pizza." Me- "You don't like dating either, so...":

I picked out my pie and even threw in a side of bread sticks for good measure. My total was like $11 but with a delivery fee and tax it came out to just over $16. Crap. Then add tip and that's $20. Look how easily that $20 can be spent! And on what? A binge-worthy night of greasy pizza and bread sticks - all of which I shouldn't be eating anyways?

Not gonna lie - it was a nice treat. They even sent over a plain cheese pizza instead of the Hawaiian I ordered and I didn't call to complain because - TREAT PIZZA! But afterwards I felt guilty that I spent a whole $20 on that one meal when it could have gone to anything like gas, groceries, a night out with friends, etc. And felt even more guilty because I slammed the meal myself and then felt bad about that too. And greasy. Literally, there was garlic coming out of my pores. I hate that.

Idk why I even bother grocery shopping honesty.:

So, I'm glad that now I think about the value of $20 more. It's made me more aware of what is needed and what is a want, and then more thoughtful of my want purchases. You just can't get far with twenty bucks now a days but you get a lot farther if you're not blowing it on pizza.

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