This Big Scary World

Thursday, November 19, 2015

If you have been paying attention to any current news lately, you're aware of the attacks on Paris, France, and the numerous other attacks on innocent civilians across the world. It's truly heartbreaking to know that people going about their daily lives, are being taken out of this world by senseless acts of hate. Because that's what's fueling this - hate. And as a mother, it makes me wonder what my beautiful, innocent children will have to endure in their futures. What is this world turning into? What will the world look like when they are all grown up? Will they have to fear traveling abroad (or even more appalling - just going to work or running daily errands) because someone decides to take out innocent life on this planet?

It's horrifying.

Do I think the world has always been like this? Yes. Think about it - all of the World Wars of the past, the Berlin Wall, disputes with Russia ... we've always had this kind of terror existing in this world. But now, we're more in-tuned to what's occurring across the world. With instant news coverage available at our finger tips via our cell phones and the internet in general, to people live Tweeting the horror and chaos that occurs. You can't even go on Facebook without tributes to those that lost their lives as Facebook now allows you to even change your profile photo to a background of blue, white and red in honor of the national flag of France. It makes it more terrifying because it's all so real and real time.

It's terrifying also because never have I literally seen and felt racism so real and alive as it is today. I'm not ignorant to think it doesn't exist - but now it's slapped in our faces and the horrifying things that people do and say to each other out of hatred for another race (or religion!) breaks my heart. It breaks my heart for my children to know that type of darkness is out in the world that they live in.

My only wish is to raise two strong women who will bright light and love into this world. Who will be able to help others and soften the edges of the dark things that happen every day. I wish for them to find their place in this world, have an empathetic and giving heart - and to radiate all that is good in this world.

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