World Prematurity Day

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Every year World Prematurity Day falls on November 17th - and it's a day to remember how strong tiny little bodies fight to stay in this world. A day to remember all of the families currently spending countless days and nights in the NICU praying over their little babies born too soon ... urging them to keep the good fight going.

I remember when I was told that I needed to deliver the girls early. I was 33 weeks, 5 days pregnant and was being monitored for pregnancy induced hypertension which was leading to preecclampsia. It all started around 28 weeks of my pregnancy, when I was sent overnight for observation. The MFM (maternal fetal medicine) doctor came to chat with me - discussing the possibility of delivering at 28 weeks but thinking I had time to bake them a little longer. Luckily, I lasted 5 more weeks. I had steroid shots literally injected into my butt to help the twins' lungs develop and prepare for the big scary world, since it was inevitable they were going to be delivered soon.

And even as I was wheeled into the OR - it was all really surreal. I will never forget how tiny they were - how jittery their skinny bodies were in their clear plastic box. The raspy screams they made as their nurses changed out their IVs or the fussing they put up as their NG tube was inserted back into their nostrils because they snagged it out. The beeping that was incessant and the panic that rises up in your chest when an alarm goes off - praying a nurse runs in and fixes everything.

But finally after 16 and 18 days, we got to take our sweet girls home. They made it up to the required release weight of 4 lbs, 5 oz and they mastered eating from a bottle by that point. On their last days at the NICU, the nurses proudly paraded them around to say g'bye too everyone that was on staff during that shift ... everyone so excited and so proud of my little girls for going home. And now they're 16 months old and thriving. They're amazing little people with big personalities that grow every single day. They're the best thing that's ever happened to me and my whole reason for being on this earth. I'm massively proud of them and how far they have come.

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