Book Review: The Arrivals

Thursday, December 3, 2015

"The Arrivals" by Meg Mitchell Moore was one of those books that was easy to relate to and fall right in step with. It's laced with various issues all intertwined within one family during one summer.

Based in Vermont, Ginny and William enjoy a peaceful life in their retirement age. But soon, they find that their adult children have returned home and each are battling different struggles. Lillian, the oldest, returns to her parents home with her young daughter Olivia and infant son Philip in tow. Lillian discovered her husband's infidelity and in an effort to get some space, blow of some steam and figure out what her next step in life is, has retreated to her parent's home for refuge.

Stephen, the second oldest, and his work-aholic power woman of a wife Jane, planned a quick visit to Vermont from New York to visit his parents. Jane is pregnant with their first child but soon hits some complications in her pregnancy which places her firmly on bedrest and far away from her job.

And the youngest, Rachel, is going through a bad break-up, in her job that she feels uninspired with and dealing with emotional issues from a recent miscarriage have brought her to her parent's home. Holding that secret to herself and struggling to make ends meet - Rachel is figuring out what her future holds and what her next steps in life should be.

This novel spins each story quite intricately, like many family novels do, and balances the family unit as each child deals with their own personal struggle - and even Ginny and William grapple on trying to pull it all together, while having their peaceful home overrun.

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