DIY: Make Your Own Holiday Card

Monday, December 7, 2015

This year is kinda awkward since sending out my own holiday cards (by myself) is a real thing. I debated using myself in the photos or just pictures of the girls and not wanting it to be completely over-board obvious of my single status, decided just to use some snaps of the girls and sign our name. I looked up some options on (because I love their selections) but they were so pricey! My co-worker clued me into just getting a template from and printing off my own at Walgreens as a cheaper option.

So this past weekend, I decided to take it a step further and forego the template altogether! Eeeeks! So I found an awesome step-by-step DIY of how to create your own holiday card via PicMonkey (one of my favorite, free editing sites). I just used some pictures from our fall photo session and I love how it turned out!

How do you create this magic yourself? Easy! Pick out 1 (or a few) of your favorite family pictures and head over to

Select the "Collage" option and upload your photos to the site!

From there you can choose the layout and where you want your images. For a 5x7 you'll want to make sure the pixels are 2100 x 1500. For a 4x6 (cheaper option to print!) you'll want them to be 1800 x 1200.

I uploaded my pictures, as well as a chalkboard background, but you can use some of their options like I did below!

I tightened up the spacing a bit (via the bottom option on the left bar), as well as rounded out the corners of the images I used. When you have your background selected and your layout perfected, hit the Edit button on the bar above your image to be sent over to the editing section to add text and some cute details!

In the Editor section of the website, you can play around with some cute fonts and even play around with the transparency and colors. For this example, I used EcuyerDAX in white for "Happy Holidays".

You can also add some "Frost" to the edges of the image to give it that wintery vibe that's really cute!

For this example, I also added an adorable snowman graphic.

Then finished up with a signature (from Ella, of course). I used Bilbo Swash Caps for the signature.

Then save and voila! You can upload to your local photo finishing store and print out 4x6 glossy (or matte!!) for pretty cheap - like 19 cents a photo in some places compared to the $1.29 or 79 cents per photo on the or websites. You can also snag a box of 50 4x6 envelopes from Amazon for around $6! And of course, you'll have the awesomeness of creating something unique and heartfelt from you!

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