Good for Your Soul

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

This past weekend I had three really close friends from college come spend the weekend. The entire week before I was a mess - my divorce was finalized, I was running rampant trying to clean and make sure there were enough towels, and balance motherhood, etc. Then Friday hit and when I saw my friends, my heart immediately calmed. These three women joined the same sorority as I did, at the same time. They have seen me at some of my worst moments in life, were there for me when I came out, and have spent some of my best moments in life with me. They are home.

It was so wonderful to just relax all weekend, have our girls play together, and truly enjoy a sleepover with my bestest of friends. When you have people that you can truly be yourself around, where you immediately relax, where life doesn't skip a beat - it's stuff that's good for your soul. It brings you back to your center and and resets yourself. And after the crap I've gone through the past 5 months, it's just so great to have comfort in other people around me.

We all need this from time to time - especially during hard times in our lives, especially during the holiday season. We all need to find proof that there are people in this world that truly love and care about us - that will always be there. And I love my friends for that. I love them for taking the worst week of my life and completely flipping it around. They didn't take away the heartbreak that I feel daily, but they did bring some joy to my life for one glorious weekend and totally hit that "reset" button in my heart.

What's good for your soul? What helps you reset during difficult times in your life?

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