Single Mom Money: Down the Toilet

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My toilet has been acting weird for a few weeks - like constant overflowing which throws me into a panic because - ew. I thought I needed to upgrade my plunger, and went out and picked up one from Target and that worked for a while until last week when the water spilled out from the toilet all over the floor. Imagine my chaotic house and me ushering the girls out of the bathroom, who just wanted to play in the fun water. Gross. 

I rent - so I called my leasing office for maintenance help and when the guy arrived, he tried to super-plunge it with a snake. He couldn't get it to release and figured there was something stuck in my toilet and whenever paper was used, it was wrapping around the item and causing the plug. (Cue Maintenance Guy's side eye at my 15 month old twins) They could try to fish the item out but likely, wouldn't be able to retrieve it in which case they would need to replace my toilet because the only way to get the item out would be to smash the toilet. If it was a child's toy or pacifier, then I would have to cover the cost of the replacement for the toilet. If it was something else, the apartment complex would front the fee. Great. 

So I tried not to fret all day while they figured the issue out. I do have a small amount in savings which could cover the toilet - but didn't want to spend my savings on buying it because one of the girls tossed something down the drain. But I really did not try to worry about it too much. So, when all was said and done - they showed me pictures of the item that was stuck in the toilet. It was a red plastic triangle thing that I've never seen before. Honestly - I have no idea what it was, but of course the apartment people don't believe me because I have twins. 

Luckily, they felt sorry for me and said they'd cover the fee associated with the toilet this time. Firstly, I was really excited because I didn't have to spend my savings on purchasing a new toilet. But I'm kinda annoyed because it wasn't my item stuck in it! Lesson learned though - have some savings built up because they you don't have to worry about things that pop up like random stuff stuck in your toilet! It's freeing to know that you can cover the cost of something without charging it or worrying about how you'll front the costs!

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