The Thrilling Life of a Newly Single Mom

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I'm writing this in the midst of a thrilling weekend. Do you sense the sarcasm dripping from this post? HA! The girls are with their other mom this weekend, and I have zero plans. Zero plans is okay, my friends, but shoot I'm bored without tiny little people around :)

Here's how it's all unfolded: I've hit up Trader Joe's for some $2.99 Pinot Grigio (or pinot greeeeej like I call it). I've finished season 9 of The Office (have no fear, I've seen it before), and have been working on the Gilmore Girls. I thought I'd get all Christmasy and dive into Christmas With the Kranks before getting sidetrack by all.the.laundry. and completed 7+ loads. I had big huge goals of getting a workout in at some point - especially since I have no excuse since I got my wireless Beats2 in the mail. But that didn't happen and now I feel so freaking guilty by not taking advantage of this free time to exercise. Part of me gives zero effs and part of me gets a little upset because I feel like a loser.

Is this what my new single life looks like? On some days, yes. 

Some days I feel strong and I have plans and I enjoy those plans. Some days I don't. But I find myself guilty when I relax or do nothing. I still have deep body issues with my new mom-bod and 20 lbs of postpartum weight still sticking around, and I have a lot of pressure put on myself to lose it. But do nothing to do so. I dunno - I feel like there's a running of list of stuff I need to do and should do to keep my head held up high and moving forward. And then there's this pressure to do all of those things - some of those I have no idea what they area ... and then do nothing. I'm putting too much thought behind this.

Anyways, super exciting stuff. I am happy to give my brain a solid 48 hours to just do nothing. Plus, our laundry is all clean, the apartment is clean, the wine has been consumed. We're all good.

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