Is Rory Gilmore a Homewrecker?

Friday, January 22, 2016

I have been watching Gilmore Girls almost religiously this past fall/winter. I don't think I ever saw it when it was on and now that it's on Netflix, I've been soaking it all up. I'm finally [sadly] on the last season [and my favorite Rory boyfriend - Logan]. But back in Season 3 of the show, Rory and her ex boyfriend [and first love], Dean, finally hooked up and that's when she lost her virginity. The only problem? Dean was already married to Lindsey.

Rory kinda hit a downward spiral after that - but I love this conversation between her and her mom. Lorelai points out the negative of the situation, "Is that what Dean told you? Does he still live with Lindsey? Is his ring still on? He's not yours - he's Lindsey's." But Rory has a totally different perspective as "the other woman," "He doesn't love her, he loves me. Didn't you want me to lose my virginity to a great guy like Dean?" 

It's interesting being on the outside, and going through something similar. When you're the married party - you're angry and you think the other woman ruined everything. She wrecked your marriage, your home, she stole your partner. But looking at it from Rory's point of view, yes she did wrong, but she felt that what she was told indicated that it was all going south anyways ... even though the timing wasn't great on her end. And her mother, doesn't want this type of love for her daughter. She knows what this means, what type of person Dean is. She realizes it in that moment. 

So I guess my question is - was Rory Gilmore really a homewrecker? If the marriage was declining and Dean was already unhappy [and saying he was planning on leaving his wife] is the fact that he hadn't made any moves to leave her indicate that it was okay since he was emotionally done? And telling what he did to Rory to get her to believe that it was all okay - or that he loved her - was that the right move?

I don't know. All I know is that Rory made a mistake and Dean is an ass. He should have fully ended things with Lindsey and moved out before doing what he did with Rory. Now he has two women that are emotionally confused and pitted against each other because of his terrible decision. 

Apparently, Jess was the best boyfriend that Rory had because he never cheated on her and was emotionally connected to her - even though he didn't really have his life together. They also never had sex. However, in true Ashley-fashion, I like rich bad-boy Logan (even though he cheated on her kinda) and think he's my favorite bf of all time. She shoulda married that guy. :) 

What do you think about the Rory/Dean incident? Who was at fault? Or was no-one at fault? 


  1. Of course she is a homewrecker. I'm glad she cried afterwards when he called Dean and his wife picked of the phone. Is not about her perspective! Is about what's right and what isn't. AND HAVING SEX WITH A MARRIED MAN IS NOT RIGHT! Neither is to make stupid lame excuses for it.

    1. I agree that having sex with a married man is not right and I'm glad you provided your thoughts! Thank you for stopping by!


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