New Year, New Me - #lifegoals

Monday, January 11, 2016

I've been thinking a lot about 2016. I know that you can start a 'new year' whenever you want - but this year it truly feels like a blank slate and that I'm able to leave 2015 behind in the dust. Deuces.

So what can I accomplish? What's important to me? To my girls? What will get me to where I want to be physically, emotionally, financially, etc. Here's my list:

Work towards a healthier lifestyle.
- eat better
- exercise more
- drink more water
- watch less tv

Continue plan to financial success.
- keep focused on paying off debt
- do not splurge on unnecessary purchases
- buy items at bargain price, if possible

Love myself.
- nourish my emotional needs
- be kind to myself, even when stumbles
- connect more with friends
- "say yes," do more things that I want to do

And that's it! That's what I'm going to work hard to focus on over the next year. Really on figuring out what my life is like as a single mom, as a person ... finding myself all over again. I want to try my hardest to get back into a good place, to be happy and proud of myself, to not let my failed relationship define me. I want to give myself grace in navigating life. I want to be my biggest advocate and my number one cheerleader. 

We're all stronger than we give ourselves credit for, and no matter what kind of loss you've incurred in your life - you're still here. Now, let's get out there and live life. 

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