Single Mom Adventures: On Dating Apps

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let me first state that I'm totally, absolutely, 100% okay with being single. I'm also not (read: 150% not) looking for a 3rd mama for my children. BUT I did recently sign up for a few dating websites, because - why not? I think it'd be fun to chat with others, get to know some people, dare I say "go on some innocent dates?" I haven't been on date since I was pregnant! Not gonna lie - it sounds kinda fun!

I've been chatting with a few women here and there - nothing serious. I "met" a woman who is a lesbian and also has a kid from her relationship. It's been nice to chat to someone about our kids without the overly insane eye-roll you can feel across the technology. I also don't hide the fact that I have kids - I want someone to know what they're getting into and where my priorities lie.

However, the other day I received a "like" from a very beautiful (think: model) blonde that was 28 years old. Ok, game on. So I liked her back and we got to chatting. Now, here's where it gets weird - not only were my defenses up because (models don't like) her content was weird and she started talking about how she was a civil engineer and visited Chicago for work and then she said the mother of all internet scam phrases "NIGERIA". Anything to do with Nigeria is fake, right? I don't know but I shut it down anyways.

So unfortunately, I won't be running off into the sunset with a young, blonde model and our mansion in Nigeria - but it was fun while it lasted.

Seriously, though. It's been interesting and it's (the apps) are something I thought I'd just give a shot too. I'm not interested in seriously dating anyone right now but I do want to meet some new people. I'll keep you updated on any other offers I receive. But my advice for those of you using those sites - be safe and mindful and careful of the information that you give out. Trolls are everywhere.

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