Single Parenting is Hard

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

There's no way around this - and many of you are already aware but single parenting is freaking hard. And by single parenting, I don't mean like my ex doesn't co-parent, because she totally does. But what I'm referring to is when you are solely in charge of your kids with zero help, zero back-up, zero break for 24+ hours. Especially with twin toddlers, it's exhausting.

Recently I had my girls for a pretty long stretch - longer than our typical 2-3 days with each mom. I was worried, not going to lie, because what if my patience wore out? What if I wanted to crumble to the ground? What if I needed a break? Honestly, though, it wasn't that bad. We even have started weaning them off of their pacifiers, and they have been surprisingly okay with it.

We power played and did activities to keep us all busy - I think it gets harder when you are just a total bum. The lazier I get, the more I truly don't want to do anything, so if I'm already up and moving, then it's easier to keep the whole gang in tow. We visited our local library for the first time and got a library card! I'm excited to continue to take the girls there as they get older. We colored - and at even the mere mention of the word "color," Holland gets the biggest grin - she loves it. I did have to move their play kitchen to the living room at one point, though because they refuse to be in any room other than the one I'm in. So they got to play and stay near me. It was nice - and of course we got a lot of cuddles, giggle time and such in too!

Usually, I'm a little relieved when it's time for them to go with their other mom. I need me-time and time to just not be "on" constantly. My brain wants to just sit. But this time I was a bit sad when it was time for them to go. I loved having them for a long stretch of time - I felt like it was just us 3 in our own little mommy/baby world. I loved the time bonding with them, and the fill of love they have for the hole in my heart. They're just growing into these seriously super amazing little people and I just love them more than I imagined I could ever love anything - EVER. So now I have a few days without them until they come back. I get to clean up our apartment (imagine tiny twin tornados wreaking havoc) and get all of my errands done that I wasn't able to do when I had the girls with me.

And life continues to go on.

The masterpiece Holland and I created! :)

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