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Monday, January 4, 2016

We're in the midst of winter here in Chicago - finally. Snow covers the ground and the holidays are fully over. Now is the "big wait" for spring to arrive, because really what's there exciting about January and February? Valentine's Day? barf.

So what is good about this time of year is the unapologetic hibernation you can dive into - and I love it. Cozy nights with a glass of wine and some good tv, yes please. Some of the shows I've been digging on Netflix are:

Gilmore Girls - a total lady fest fully of awesome mother-daughter moments. You can also grab hold of my theory that good-girl Rory gets all of the boys. All of them.

Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce - middle aged author, Abby McCarthy finds herself in the midst of a divorce - which impacts her credibility as the "all-knowing" mommy-writer. She grapples with re-invigorating her career, keeping her family financially a float and this weird thing called dating. It's funny and totally relatable (except for the rich LA living) with moments that will look eerily familiar to your divorced life. Season 2 is currently running on Bravo but you can catch season 1 on Netflix.

Parks and Rec - After I finished up The Office (for the third time), I needed another funny go-to and Amy Poehler and gang are another one of my faves.

Making a Murderer - This is one that's swirling across the internet recently as it just debuted as a Netflix original series. Focused on Steven Avery who was wrongly convicted of a brutal sexual assault and spent 18 years in prison, Avery - upon his release - finds himself entrenched in another case as the main person of interest. Is he wrongly accused this time? Or did he heinously rape and murder Teresa Halbach?

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