The Thankful List

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Even through all of the murk, there is a LOT of good in my life. Sometimes when I'm swept up in my own emotional spiral, I forget that, and I shouldn't. So weekly I'll post a "top ten" thankful list of what's great in my life at that moment! I'm hoping it serves as a positive reminder that my life is awesome and there's so much to love in this little corner of the world of mine. I'll also encourage YOU to share your top ten things to be thankful for - let's love our crazy worlds together!


1a. Harper
1b. Holland

2. A good job that provides:
- medical insurance
- a roof over our heads
- food on the table
- busy work to keep me entertained :)

3. Old Ella [dog] on lonely nights sans girls

4. Netflix and all of my shows!

5. Starbucks coffee + toffee nut syrup!

6.Good friends that still love me after all of my life chaos

7. A supportive father + sister

8. Quality car that I love

9. Stretch marks - serve as a constant reminder that I'm a mommy!

10. Online communities
- through this blog and Facebook it has given me a chance to relate to others

What's in your top ten this week?

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