2016 Goals Update!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

One month in and I have an update on some of my goals ... I want some accountability, so maybe if I profess things here I'll feel guilty for not completing them. I have some measurable updates on some of my "big rocks" for the year!

Healthier Lifestyle -

  • I signed up for a free coaching program through work. I have calls with a "life coach and trainer" every 2-4 weeks to set goals and hold myself accountable. It's nice to have just one more voice cheering me on. The program takes about 3-4 months to complete and because I registered for it, I get zero co-pays on some generic medications (I take one for high bp that I got from my pregnancy and stuck around because of my weight). 
  • Still working on the eating better and consistent exercise, but I am playing team sports again so I have Sundays booked for workouts! 
  • I signed up for a 5K in April! Super excited (and nervous) to complete that!
Financial Success -
  • I'm doing well in this area and will put a big chunk of my federal refund towards paying off one of my loans, and putting money aside for some things I have coming up. It's nice to not have to charge things, and I can't wait to shake off all of these loans! I'm also very close to paying off another student loan! Can't wait!
  • Facebook garage sales are another favorite of mine - I've found some neat items recently, a $20 (in excellent shape!) pre-loved Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair, and a $15 ottoman that I've been searching for as a foot rest and dinner table! :) I'm going to order a new cover for the PB chair (which still makes it a steal) and re-cover the ottoman!
Love Myself -
  • I've returned back to counseling, but spread out my sessions since they're a bit pricey out of pocket until my deductible is met. But better, than not going at all!
  • I've been making all kinds of plans with friends that I'm super excited about!! Concerts, trips, etc.! I also re-joined some sports teams and am currently in volleyball season and will do flag football in the spring and softball in the summer! 
  • Sewing is something I've been interested in really learning how to do for a while, so I think I'm going to sign up for an introductory class at Joann's this spring! I'm really excited to learn some new skills, and hopefully start making some fun stuff for around the house!

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