Love is All Around

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's finally February! I'm excited because that means we are one month closer to SPRING! Can you feel it?! Ok, probably at this point not, but we are 46 days out from the first official day of spring and I am SO excited!

February can be a hard month, especially if you've been through a rough break up or divorce. Maybe dating prospects aren't the best, and you're feeling queasy being surrounded by the red hearts and chocolates that fill the stores. Personally, I'm excited for this month! I don't have a partner to share the love with - but I do have two beautiful children and a whole future ahead of me.

Love is for everyone. Whether that love comes from family, friends or a special someone .. you deserve all that this month has to offer. No one to shower you with gifts and adoration? Then love yourself. Get your favorite gal (that's you, boo!) a pedicure, a nice box of chocolates, a bottle of wine ... basically, treat yo'self!

You deserve it, even when you think you don't. Even when you think the world doesn't care. Show yourself you care and you're valuable of love. And spread the love too! Send Valentine's day cards to family members, do something nice for a neighbor, grab drinks on the "official" Galentine's Day. Gather up those best gal pals and paint the town red! 

Be kind - especially to yourself. Spread love and joy and celebrate the amazingness that your future holds. 

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