Single Mom Adventures: Kickboxing Class

Friday, February 19, 2016

A few posts ago, I shared that I did my first ever PiYo class through my work gym - in an effort to get my postpartum @$$ off the couch and get more active. PiYo murdered me for a week. Sure, the class was fun and I got a really good work out ... but the after effects literally sidelined me for a while. That's what I get for being out of shape! So, after being sidelined for a week - I played volleyball on Sunday and had my "life coach" call on Monday and then decided to try to jump back into things. I did 15 minutes on the elliptical on Monday ... nothing big but was SOMETHING. I found that I wander the gym, though, when I don't go in with a plan and I missed the class I wanted to attend because of work stuff I needed to do.

Tuesday, though, I made it a point to get into a 30 minute "Express" cardio kickboxing class at work. I like that it's express because it's literally 30 minutes over the lunch hour and you still get a good workout in without draining 45 minutes+ to get back into the office, or go before or after work. I've done kickboxing before - but things class integrated boxing bags, which I have never worked with before. I honestly didn't know what to expect.

We had 11 people in the class and only three bags so six people got to be on the bags at a time. We did an interval twice and then switched - so everyone had a chance to work on the bags, if they wanted to. Some people opted not to which was fine. I started out on the bags and felt good doing the work out but half way in my legs cramped up (I stretched before hand!) and I got winded super fast. I battled through, though!

Then we switched and the same thing happened. It totally whomped my butt but I tried to at least keep moving when I could and promised myself to continue exercising because I'll be able to get better at these classes when I start being better to myself. Overall, I enjoyed the class and wasn't too scared of it as I thought I might be when I saw the boxing bags come out! I would totally do it again and the 30 minute time frame was perfect for a quick lunch work out!

What new workouts have you tried recently? What keeps you going when you want to quit during a workout?

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