Thankful List #2

Sunday, February 7, 2016

A few weeks ago I started this little thing called "The Thankful List," where I show appreciation for the positive things in my life. Life post-divorce can be a little glum sometimes, so it's always great to point out the happy things that DO occur that sometimes we overlook. Here's this week's thankful list!

Thankful List 2.07.15

1. an income tax refund headed my way (gonna pay down some debt!)

2. resources available to jump start improving my health

3. new shows hitting Netflix!
  (Fuller House! Flaked! The Ranch! Kimmy Schmidt S2!)

4. great friends that make sure I schedule fun plans :)

5. coffee - seriously, it keeps me running

6. ability to still play sports! 
(always have the "love of the game")

7. the month of love!
(even tho I'm single, I still have such an enormous amount of love in my heart for my girls, friends and family)

8. babies!! I have a few close friends pregnant and I'm SO excited for these little nuggets!

9. planned vacations :)

10. beautiful morning sunrises


What are you thankful for? What makes your heart sign lately? 

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