The Last Day

Monday, February 29, 2016

A few weeks ago I came across an article online referring to the last day - the last day your child falls asleep in your arms, or the last day they need you to help them get dressed. How time is oh so short and you don't know you're in the last day until it's passed. Needless to say - it got my tears flowing. I've already hit "the last day" on a few milestones with the twins, and it breaks my heart. They will never take a bottle while cuddled up in my arms, staring back into my eyes with a hand curled around my finger. They are moving so quickly out of the baby stage and into the toddler (aka kid) stage, as they grow more independent and start learning so many new things.

Throw back to last year!
It's interesting because life will give you tons of "last days" that you won't even know will come and go. Thinking about my divorce being one of those instances - I think about how I didn't know the last time I'd kiss or exchange "I love yous" with my ex until way after it happened ... and that it would be the last time it would ever happen. Would that have changed anything if I knew in the moment? Likely not. But it makes it tug at those heart strings a little harder.

As life keeps moving forward, we will all experience these last moments - big and small. The last time that your child climbs into your lap, the last time your dog runs like a puppy around your home, the last time you have a heart to heart conversation with a close friend. I see it all lining up at the horizon - just waiting for us to experience it. And we won't know it until it's gone - that it was the last time we'd get to enjoy that moment.


  1. Ugh! I've read about these last days before and the thought is heartbreaking. The last time I'll pick up my child is the one that gets me the most.

    1. Ugh! me too :) thanks for visiting! <3


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