As a Woman, Your Vote Matters

Friday, March 18, 2016

We had the Illinois primaries earlier this week - to determine which two candidates that the state of ILL wanted to see on the ballot. I got out to cast my vote at my local polling place, and have been excited to see all of my friends in my generation participating in this prelim part of the big race in November!

Did you know that it took 143 years for women to gain the right to vote in the United States of America? Something that we take for granted in the year 2016 is that right to have our voice heard and to have that voice count. It's important that women get out there and educate themselves on the issues, and to exercise their right to vote because we didn't always have a voice, and some pretty amazing women fought for us to have that right nearly 100 years ago!

I know that it can be easy to kick back and think - there are billions of people in the United States. And with our complex political system with voters and delegates and super delegates, etc. - how in the world does my tiny hand raised in the air matter in the grand scheme of things? But we cannot think like that. The moment we begin to wonder if our vote counts is the moment that we take for granted a right that we didn't always have. Make your voice heard! Even if it's a tiny squeak in a big dark room - it's something.

As a mother of two little ladies, I think its even that more important to show them the importance of this right - even at a super young age. I want them to grow up knowing about the election and the importance of voicing your beliefs (regardless of what they are) to support your candidate on the issues that are important to you and your family. I've seen parents take their young kids with them to the voting booths, and hand over that "I voted" sticker - that's awesome! You're exposing your child to one of the great things about this country! And it's so important that we, as women, teach the importance of that voice being heard to the women we are raising.

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