Movie Review: How to Be Single

Friday, March 11, 2016

My sister came over last week for a girl's day and we decided to take in "How to be Single" at the movie theater. Although focused on a younger generation of women, I still found parallels to my now single-life and navigating what that all means.

Alice (played by Dakota Johnson) asks her college boyfriend for a break, upon graduation. Life is at her doorstep and she needs to find who she is. So she moves into her sister Meg's (Leslie Mann) apartment in NYC and snags a job as a paralegal in a downtown law firm where she stumbles into a friendship with party-girl Robin (Rebel Wilson) who takes her out and shows her "how to be single". Meanwhile, Lucy (Alison Brie) is on the hunt for a real, serious relationship and has signed up for multiple dating websites all in an effort to find her 1 in a million guy in a sea of men. 

We watch as all of their lives eventually entangle - Alice learning who she is without a relationship, Meg working in a successful OB career but shoving down her desire to be a mom, Lucy looking for real long-term love, and Robin ... well, Robin just wants to have a good time. And, she's super good at it. 

This movie when compared to hilarious sister-movies like Bridesmaids and most recently, Sisters, was a far cry from that over-the-top, sides hurting, crying in laughter type of film. BUT I still think this movie was great. It was an easy-to-watch flick, relatable to many different types of single women, and left you feeling inspired and "good inside" at the end. It's one of those movies that is great for a girls' night in chalk full of tubs of ice cream and slices of pizza ... kinda like one of my faves 27 Dresses. There are plenty of funny moments (hello, Rebel Wilson!), and plenty of sweet moments where you don't think dating is the absolute worst (although at times it is!). It's still out in theaters, but probably not for much longer! Great girls' night movie with your favorite friends! 

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  1. people keep telling me to see this movie (not surprised; i'm 33 & single!) and i was on the fence because the trailer didn't exactly win me over. i'm also admittedly not a rebel wilson fan. but i may check it out; seems cute and relatable enough!


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