Single Mom Adventures: C25K Week 2

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hello friends! I'm happy to report that I made it through Week 2 of the couch to 5K running program! woo hoo!! This week was a jolt as the jogging component got bumped up to 1 minute and 30 second intervals - luckily, though there were only 6 of them! Whew! The overall run/walk was a minute shorter at 28 minutes compared to the first week.

I covered 1.8 miles on the first two days and 1.9 on day 3. My pace on day 1 started out at 15:49, which I ran on a treadmill at work. My day 2 was ran OUTSIDE on a track near me and I had the girls with me in the BOB stroller. We had a fun day and the run wasn't that bad. I gave the girls some snacks and put on an episode of This American Life and cranked it out around the pond/track. My pace that day was 15:33 and I'm actually super proud of myself because if you know anything about running - is that running outside is 10x's harder than indoors on a treadmill.

My little running buddies

Don't worry - we had some fun on the run, too!

On day 3 my pace was 15:09 and I did it indoors on a treadmill. My hip was hurting a bit and my shins were starting to hurt a bit. I think  need to fix the way I'm landing on my runs. My hips have been a tiny bit achy this whole weekend. Overall I tackled 5.5 miles and cut 40 seconds off my time by the end of the week!

The girls and I took it easy the rest of the weekend - well, as easy as three ladies on the go could. But I picked up a slide for the girls and we had some fun enjoying it and the nice spring weather that ushered in Chicago this past weekend. I'm so happy to be exercising and being able to be more active with the girls! I can't wait for this summer!

Holland trying out the new slide!
Here mom, I picked a leaf for you! :)

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