Single Mom Adventures: C25K Week 3 - Holy Cow!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

If you've been following along, you know that I'm prepping for a 5K in early April. So that I don't die on the course - or pass out in front of throngs of people - I thought it might be in my best interest to start "practicing" running and get hopping on the Couch to 5K running program. You can check out my progress on week 1 here and week 2 here !

So week 3. Mmmmm. Where do I begin?

It started out okay. This run/walk combo is a tad shorter than the previous weeks at 26 minutes total but has longer jogging sessions that alternate at 2 minutes and 3 minutes. I got the first day out on a Tuesday and was able to finish it but struggled the last 30 seconds of the last 3 minute jog (luckily, I only had 4 jogs total that session). My overall pace was 15:00 and I got 1.8 miles in on the indoor treadmill. Day 2 was done the next day and I struggled again on the last jog but made up for it on the end. My pace went to 14:08 at 1.7 miles as I increased my walking pace a bit. I also got in 30 minutes of PiYo after running!

Then I promised myself that I'd fit in Day 3 at some point at the tail-end of last week or this weekend but the weather was crappy and I had the girls (so I couldn't leave them alone for the gym). Needless to say, I didn't make it. And since I'm a pro at making myself promises, I told myself that I didn't have to run or workout Sunday night (after chasing around the girls at a birthday party all day) IF I squeezed in my Day 3 sometime this week - making me have FOUR runs this week. Let's go ahead and be 100% real and say it out loud - I'M NOT EXCITED ABOUT THIS AT ALL!!

I made it through day 3 though, this week and struggled a ton on the last 3 minute jog. I did make up for it at the end but it was rough. I ended up getting in 1.78 miles at the end of the day and then tacked on some extra walking to get me to 2 miles. But alas - I finished it and now on to week 4. Holy cow, how am I going to make it!?

Looking ahead to week 4 - there will be an outdoor run at some point this week (we are getting some warmer spring weather!), the jogs go to 3 and 5 minutes each, I may collapse in a heap of intangible nonsense. Once this week finishes, though I'll be half-way through the C25K program. And if you're decent at math, you'll probably realize that the beginning of April is less than 5 weeks away, so yes, I have my run during the program. But that's okay. At least I'm somewhat getting used to jogging in general!

Has anyone doe the C25K program before? Especially starting from zero? What were your thoughts? What did you do after you finished the program?

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