The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Monday, March 14, 2016

Did you sing that title of the post? I did as I typed it. Ha!

Well sarcastically, it's the most "wonderful" time of the year - election time. It's the time where you find out who your closest friends are families are rooting for to take over the next 4 years of the presidency - you might even be shocked or surprised. I know I am time and time again. I hate this time of year. People are dirty and rude and take things way out of context. All the candidates are mud-slinging. And we literally are voting for the FAR FAR right or the FAR FAR left this year. There's no in between or compromise.

Elections bring about heated debates from people - truth and myth get tangled up until no one knows the right side up any more. I think people were so desperate to get out from under the Bush regime and that's how Obama prevailed (I'm Team Barrack) - he marketed hope to the people. They needed hope desperately. Now 8 years into Obama's presidency, people are now tired of him and he get's blamed for a ton. I honestly think after 8 years, the American people just get tired of the president and are in need of a change. The fact of the matter is that it took 8+ years to get our economy, our country to where it is today. No president is going to turn that around in 4 years. They need that second term. But by then you're so sick of them that it doesn't matter what they do. And we're on to the next search.

The year 2045: "Grandpa, how did President Trump ever get elected?"  "Well, we were a bit distracted back then. That was the year adult coloring books came out.:

Personally, I fear what the results will be this fall. I'm terrified of having a Republican president. But that's me and my personal beliefs. Everyone is entitled to their own - that's what makes this country so great. (Except Trump - he can stop talking now)

The Illinois primaries are coming up on March 15th. It's our time to voice who we think the representatives for Republican and Democratic parties will be. Our votes will help our delegates decide which way our state wants to side with (ideally-  but they kind of do what they do anyways). So primaries are a big deal now because we're getting insight into what this fall could look like and who America is siding with. There's a lot of time to sway votes before the fall though!

Anyways - now we just sit back and watch the circus as it displays for the next few months. I can't wait til it's over!

Please note: This post is intended for a light discussion. I am in no way dissing which way you decide to vote. Just hoping that you do get out to vote! Let's keep this a respectful space! 

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