A Few of My Favorite Things

Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Friday!!

Sharing some of my favorite things lately - let me know if you've tried any!

Trader Joe's Organic Riced Cauliflower: It's been out of stock at my local TJ but recently made an appearance and I jumped all over it! Sub it for rice in your meals - add any flavors you want, GREAT for mom and kids (they don't even know it's a vegetable!).

DIY Sensory Toys/Activities for Toddlers: I've been looking into some new activities for the twins to since they're getting a bit older and ready to learn! I've found a ton of sensory activities to get their brains working and have crafted some of my own (to be shared soon!). Do a quick search on Pinterest for some ideas that you can make with household items that'll keep your child entertained for hours minutes!

Thrifting: With two growing toddlers that are whipping right past their 18 month clothes and right into 24 month/2T ... and as a single mom, I have to fork over money for a new spring/summer wardrobe. That's not cheap. I've been looking up local thrift/resale events in my area that allow local moms to consign clothes, shoes and toys at a cheap price! Pre-loved but with lots of life left! I've scored some great name brand clothes, cute shoes, and even a slide! 

Aldi: I'm obsessed and have been grocery shopping there for months. I can snag 2 weeks worth of grocery items and couldn't spend $100 if I tried ... and I've tried. They're produce is okay - if you can get there on a truck day, it's better. But you can't beat their prices on everyday snacks (cookies, crackers, etc.), cereal, milk, eggs, bread, cheese, etc. It's an awesome money saver for those single mom dollars that could be spread thin. Just remember to bring your own bags and a quarter for the shopping cart! AND the carts are 2 seaters so you can put two kids in it!! AMAZING!

What are some of your favorite things lately?

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