DIY Toddler Sensory Activities

Monday, April 4, 2016

Since the girls are getting a bit older and are ready to learn - I wanted to start putting together some DIY learning activities to get their brains working ... and keep them entertained. I'm not a super crafter, to be totally honest, so I wanted to do things that I could actually accomplish and that (under supervision) they wouldn't choke on or eat in general. Good luck with that, right?

I've tackled 3 projects! Two I actually took a picture of :P

DIY Sensory Bucket
A super simple activity is to take an old coffee canister and fully wash it out and let dry. Cut a circular hole in the top of the plastic lid (make sure there are no sharp edges for little fingers to get caught on). I cut the top to be able to accommodate small wooden learning blocks we have been playing with.

Grab your favorite washi tape (I had some laying around) and wrap all the way around until the canister is covered and looking adorable! Snap the lid back on and voila! We use this to learn about volume (how many can we fit in there) and fine motor skills of putting the block in the hole. My Harper loves it - she's a natural stacker, organizer - so this is a perfect activity for her!

DIY Fun Tubes
Another easy craft you can make is grab your extra toilet paper cardboard rolls, or even the paper towel cardboard rolls you have leftover and extra washi tape. Wrap the rolls in fun washi tape, just to give them more personality. You can then tape the rolls in whatever pattern you'd like on a wall or door and have your toddler drop puff balls (from your local Dollar Tree) into the tubes. 

They like sorting them and putting them in the tubes - and you can work on colors, "Can you put a blue ball into the tube?" or just construct a fun tube pattern that the puffs can drop into! We set this up anywhere and the girls love it. 

When I snag a picture of our third project, I'll be back to share that "craft" with you! It's one of our faves which is why I couldn't take a picture - we had too much fun doing it!

What are some of your favorite DIY toddler activities? We'd love some new ones to try!

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