Book Review: Big Magic

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A few weeks ago the girls and I were at the library and I saw one of my "must reads" in stock! I quickly snagged it, dragged the girls to check out and was happily on my way with Elizabeth Gilbert's "Big Magic" clutched in my hands. AH! I love Elizabeth Gilbert. Her voice, her experiences, her everything just speaks a huge big happy into my soul. "Eat, Pray, Love" was constantly on repeat while going through my divorce, and on craptastic days, I sometimes pull up some of her Ted Talks just to listen to her experiences and thoughts on really anything.


This is a self-help book for creative people looking to find that "spark" that they be missing in their work. Whether you're a writer, painter, singer, etc. ... this book is aimed at helping you to think outside of the box, dig deep into your soul and pull out what gets your creative juices flowing. I consider myself a creative person - a lazy creative person - but creative none-the-less. I've recognized that I'll never write the next great American novel (I'm not broody enough), and I'm not a poet. I just know I love to write ... and sometimes I get to do just that. 

But what I gathered from this book isn't necessarily to try your hardest, be creative, get your stuff out there in the world in BIG BOLD LETTERS! Nope. I get that some days you need that creative spark - whether it's communicating with others, or shaking up your day in general. You don't need to live the status-quo and day to day boring every single day. You're meant to live this beautiful life - so do it ... and pull out the things inside you that drive you, inspire you, etc. Is it travel? Do you adore the ocean? Does your heart sing when it hears a certain artist sing? Are you a doodle pro? Whatever makes your heart happy. Follow that path and do it. 

For me - it's blogging. I like to write and I'm naturally an over-sharer. I realize I'm happiest when I'm getting my experiences and words out there into the world, even though it can be scary to let unknown people in sometimes. Like I said - I'm not a novelist, I'm way to busy to chase after a byline in a magazine, and I would never quit my job to take up writing full time. I'm not even sure I have enough to constantly communicate that's interesting (que "Big Magic"). But I express myself in little posts here and there and that makes me happy. Sometimes I hit an awesome idea, sometimes I say things that touches other people, and sometimes I just like to see my words out there in the world. 

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