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Monday, June 20, 2016

the past two weeks have been a bit insane emotionally for me. i knew these times were on their way but yeah - i'm not sure what's really going on. anyways, i've decided to get back into reading and have been making my way through elizabeth gilbert's "big magic." i love her style of writing - it flows so well and is so thoughtfully written. she's also one of the few people that i could listen to speak all day long. if you haven't yet, you should check out her ted talks - one focuses on success/failure and one on your creative genius. "big magic" comes post "eat, pray, love" (incidently one of my favorite movies) and just dives into the creative process for whatever motivates you in life. 

i've been eating better and working out alot more. i've had some outside motivation to kick it into gear, but am really trying to hold myself accountable. plus it helps keep my mind off other stuff going on in my life. 

and overall i'm just really excited for summer - i'm ready to have fun especially since last summer sucked. :) a few more things on the horizon and a lot of new "plans" in the works. 

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