Thursday, July 21, 2016

This past week has been pretty tough on my heart, and it's been hard to see the positive in anything. The other night, I was finally feeling okay to run some errands, so I washed my car, turned the twins' car seats forward facing (all by myself!), ran to Target and did grocery shopping. The night was going well and I was feeling normal - almost happy. And then after I loaded my groceries in the car, returned my cart and hopped in to turn my car on - the lights in my dashboard lit up but nothing else happened. No engine turning over, no promise that we will be off and on our way. Nada.


My first good day in a week - ruined. Not going to lie - there were some tears shed.

So, I called someone for advice on what to do. I worried about my milk spoiling and how much a battery was going to cost, as well as the hassle to call my insurance company to send roadside assistance. I fretted. I called roadside assistance and went through an annoying 15 minute call where I had to repeat nearly everything - it was now after 8 pm and I was still sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store ... waiting. Every few minutes trying to turn my car on to no avail.

After about an hour with no call from dispatch, and no sign of help - I called my insurance company back where they told me they had no record of my service request and that they could put a NEW one in for me but it would still take about an hour for someone to reach me. It was now almost 9 pm - the grocery store was closing, the parking lot was dark, my milk was likely spoiling. I broke down and cried on the phone to the guy. What was I going to do? What a terrible day.

Luckily, I was saved. My sweet, sweet co-worker volunteered to send her husband to me to jump my car. He made it there in 15 minutes - waaaaay sooner than roadside assistance would have made it. It was amazing.

Now, thinking about it - I could have thought my night ruined. I could have cried on the way home and whined about how crappy things have been and why am I just being dumped on time after time. BUT I started to see the good in what happened:

- I didn't have the twins with me (how awful would it have been to have the girls with me waiting)
- The weather was nice (I didn't have to hide from rain or heat)
- People kept me company (I had a few friends texting me so it passed time and I knew that people cared to keep tabs on me)
- My amazing co-worker's husband came out of his way and helped me! (How awesome is that?!)
- I had my Costco cold bag with me so my cold groceries were all saved!
- My phone battery did not die!

Basically, all that really happened was that I sat in a parking lot for 2 hours worrying about something that I really couldn't control. But once I started to troubleshoot, accept help and realize it wasn't the end of the world - I was able to not feel that it was just another life thing dumping on my head. And that feels amazing to finally have some kind of positive perspective on something. So maybe I'm getting better, maybe it was just a good day. I dunno. All I know is that it felt GOOD to not think the end of the world was happening. It feel GOOD to have faith in people and see the goodness in others. It felt good to be cared about and to feel safe. I'm just so so so grateful for everyone that night. It still warms my heart just thinking about it.

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