H&H are TWO!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Oh my! All of the feels! My little girls are two!! Honestly, they tell you that life goes by so fast when you have kids and it's so true. I remember the day they were born like it was yesterday - them learning to roll over or trying solid foods for the first time ... their first steps and first words. 

And now! Well now they talk up a storm and climb on EVERYTHING. They tackle playgrounds like professionals, easily make new friends. We've recently started going to my apartment complex pool and I've learned that I have two little fish on my hands. Toddlerhood is hard. I think every stage of childhood is probabaly hard - different, but hard. But I'm excited to be able to share experiences with the girls and "do" stuff with them. The excitement on their faces during out outings always warms my mommyheart right up! 

So to my two smart, sassy, beautiful little ladies - mommy loves you and wishes you a very Happy 2nd Birthday!!

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