Book Review: The Girl on the Train

Monday, August 8, 2016

I like to get lost in books, especially when I'm going through a tough time. It helps me mentally escape and rest my racing thoughts. I've been doing a ton of reading on Gemini traits (I'm a true Gemini) and one of the biggest things they have, in terms of personality, are racing thoughts and overthinking. Welcome to my life.

So a good book is a perfect way to shut all of that out and focus on something else.

Since the girls and I go to the library, a lot - I've been picking up my reads from there. It's free! And I can place the books I want on hold and pick them up quickly. It's perfect for a crazy busy mom. Girl on the Train finally came available, and I was totally excited to finally pick it up!

The book reminds me a lot of Gone Girl, if you've ever read that. Not in the plot but more in the "crazy messed up marriage" type of read. In Girl on the Train, we're introduced to the main character Rachel. She takes a train daily from her home to London on her way to work. While on the train, she notices a row of homes which backs to the train tracks and over the course of the year has noticed a particular couple on their terrace. She forms a storyline in her head of the happy looking couple - the way the husband caresses his wife's shoulders, the way the wife sips her coffee. Their love seems strong and their life seems perfect.

Then one day she notices something odd on that terrace - the wife is out there with another man - and the subsequently goes missing a few days later without a trace. When news hits of the woman's disappearance, Rachel decides to get involved and offer up the information she spotted from the train - of the strange man with the missing woman days prior. The problem? Rachel is a known alcoholic with a troubled past and a failed marriage that has caused some psychology issues for her. Long story short - she's not a reliable "witness".

This is a pretty good novel - full of suspense and drama. I think the author did a really great job on Rachel's character development ... but lacked in development of the other main characters. It had a good plotline and was easy to follow - when you got near the ending though, I felt like the reader was well aware of what was happening. It's a good weekend, leisure read though and definitely a great suspense novel! Plus - get the read in now as it's a movie hitting theaters soon!

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