Book Review: Southern Education of a Jersey Girl

Friday, October 7, 2016

Man oh man. I loveeeee me some Jaime Primak Sullivan. Like LOVE her. Jaime is a publicist and has worked with the entertainment industry's biggest and brightest stars. She also produced her own show on Bravo called Jersey Belle.  I came across Jaime's facebook page a year or so ago - she had a morning chat that she shared on her public FB page regarding some relationship issues and I felt that she crawled inside my mind and heart and just knew how I felt. When she spoke, I felt like she was looking directly at me and speaking as if I was the only person listening. So clearly, I'm a fan and have been in love with her talks that she posts every morning on Facebook called #cawfeetawk.

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Last month, Jaime had her first book released called Southern Education of a Jersey Girl where she shares just a recount of some of her life experiences that brought her to where she is today - in her marriage, as a parent, in her career, etc. It's such a quick read and is a fabulous insight into the real world of someone that had life struggles along the way. She has sectioned her book into basically mini-stories and the lessons learned are so relatable. At the end of each "chapter" or section, there's usually a little box with more tidbits or nuggets of advice for someone going through a similar situation. A lot of it is relationship heavy - and it's good stuff.

If you're looking for a quick, weekend read or are going through some relationship troubles and are just seeking someone to relate to - this is your girl. Great book, entertaining stories and relatable content.

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